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Squish bikes - Smart bikes for little people

Squish bikes - Smart bikes for little people

Squish bikes - Smart bikes for little people

Think back to when you first learned to ride a bike. Can you remember the sense of freedom? That first realisation, 'I can do this'? When you intuitively kept the thing upright and stopped careering into the nearest hedge? That feeling of joy?

You might also remember the hand-me-down bike you had. The dodgy brakes, heavy steering and clunky gearing that had you struggling up hills and fighting to keep up with your older siblings. This is where Squish have hit the jackpot - each Squish bike has been carefully thought through to offer a super lightweight ride with geometries made to fit little people just right. No more cries of "I can't stop…!".

Squish are part of a venerable British collective of bike companies including Dawes and Claud Butler, so there's a lot of serious tech going on in the background. Based in Birmingham, they're a collection of cycling enthusiasts bringing the joy of bikes to some very, very lucky kids. Not to mention some quite jealous parents - these are the bikes you wish you'd had when you were knee-high to that grasshopper.

All-important too is that they look cool - these bikes won't be gathering dust at the back of the garage, that's for sure - and they're designed to last should they need to be handed down to a younger sibling a few years down the line.

Something for everyone

Squish make bikes to suit as many shapes and sizes of children as possible from around 3 years and upwards. With a lightweight but sturdy triple-butted alloy frame, easy-to-use and easy-to-reach brakes, short cranks and a nice comfy saddle, the 14" Squish 14 or 16" Squish 16 is the perfect bike to get your little'un on board. And to keep clothes clean (and curious fingers safe) the entire drivetrain is enclosed in a chainguard - clever little details like this are what put Squish bikes ahead of the game.


The in-betweeners

It used to be that kids bikes used to stop with 16" wheels and there was an awkward wait for them to grow into a 20" BMX-sized bike. Squish make the perfect in-betweener bike with the Squish 18, again made with lightweight and sturdy components and shaped to make riding easy and fun. Looking and riding more like a full-sized bike, the Squish 18 is the ideal stepping stone to the Squish 20, the bike that introduces gears and more versatility for your rapidly growing child.


Big boys' (and girls') toys

Children grow up fast and so does the need for a bike that can take all they can throw at it. The Squish MTB 24 and MTB 26 are real mountain bikes designed around 11" and 13" frames respectively, with Suntour suspension forks, disc brakes and tough wheels capable of hardpack and woodland trails. For adventurous kids these bikes are more than qualified to start them on their MTB journey.

At the top of the range is the Squish 26 which has been designed to look super cool. Suitable for children 9 years and older, it's available in 13" or 15" frame sizes and provides the perfect stepping-stone to a full-sized bike and is tough enough for anything.


We've got a great range of Squish bikes here at the Bike Factory. A word of warning though - get your kids one of these and lazy Sundays will be a thing of the past. Are you fit enough to keep up?

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