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Great bikes to use on a turbo trainer

Great bikes to use on a turbo trainer

Great bikes to use on a turbo trainer

Our countrywide lockdown means we cyclists have to find different ways to keep fit so that we’re ready for when the season eventually restarts. As well as keeping fit, here at The Bike Factory we know full well that cycling is an escape from the big issues of the day which in turn helps our mental health. As a result, to get the daily fix of physical and mental wellbeing, more and more cyclists have joined the turbo training ranks. Last week we went through our top tips for indoor training so today we take a look at the bikes suitable for use on a home trainer as well as the open road.

Getting started

It is useful to note that nearly every type of bike will fit on a turbo trainer, especially all road bikes. Before we preview the bikes you could use, there are a few important things to note. If you are using a trainer where your rear wheel remains attached, make sure to fit a slick tyre so it works in tandem with the roller. And always use the steel rear skewer provided as it will sit properly in the trainer’s mount and will not be damaged by the clamp. We have thru axel adaptors in store as well.

Road bikes

The majority of turbo trainers are focussed on the road bike market, and for that reason they are arguably the easiest and best bikes to use on them. Head indoors and simulate the real world on applications such as Zwift and it will be just like your standard training ride only from the comfort of your own home. Lots of riders opt to use their winter bikes with their home trainer and we have plenty of that style of bike in stock. 


Mountain bikes

Contrary to popular belief, you can use your mountain bike on a turbo trainer, provided its widths accommodate the larger wheel. Better still, you can use a direct-mount smart trainer that connects directly to your bike, cutting out any worry. Hardtails are the best type of MTB to use on a turbo trainer but if you’re using a full sus, make sure to lock out the suspension so the bike is more rigid, which in turn will allow you to pedal more efficiently. As previously mentioned, you will need to put a slick tyre on as the tread of a standard mountain bike tyre will cause annoying vibrations and potentially damaging friction.

Hybrid bikes

Fitness bikes can take on any challenge. They are great for first-time cyclists who want to get fit but don’t want to be bogged down by the intricacies and complications of a road or mountain bike. Their ease of use and comfortable geometry are big advantages for riders who just want to focus on pedalling and creating a home exercise routine that works for them.


Gravel bikes

Like hybrid fitness bikes, gravel bikes are great for both year-round outdoor use and indoor training. As with mountain bikes, make sure to switch the rear tyre to a slick tread so that you can get the full benefit of using a turbo trainer.

There you have it. Just about any bicycle will work on an indoor turbo trainer and you’ll be able to connect to secondary fitness apps too. To see all the bikes mentioned in this post and more, take a look at the rest of our website, and to stay up to date with our changing operations, click here or keep an eye on Facebook page. We all love cycling and understand the importance of the sport, but some things are more important, so keep safe, keep fit and stay at home to help prevent the spread of illness. Your favourite routes aren’t going anywhere, and we’ll be here to help when we can all get back out on our bikes.

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