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How to keep pedalling both outdoors and in

How to keep pedalling both outdoors and in

How to keep pedalling both outdoors and in

It is an uncertain time for the sport we love, with countries in lockdown, professional racing at a standstill and much debate on whether we should continue training outside. Well, here at The Bike Factory we will endeavour to cut through the uncertainty – there has never been a better time to sort your indoor training solutions. We’ll take a look at all the indoor trainers and accessories we have to help you to stay fit while stuck at home. We also have some turbo training tips and guidance on riding outdoors.

Staying fit outdoors

We have been encouraged to exercise social distancing to prevent the spread of illnesses in this current climate, so it is advised that you only train outdoors if you are feeling tip top. Try new routes, reach for your goals and above all stay healthy on the bike. To avoid other people and traffic altogether, how about getting into gravel riding? It’s a great chance to escape into nature for a few hours, work on your handling and technical skills, and explore the world around you. We have a great range of gravel-specific bikes on the website from the likes of Specialized. 

Smart trainers

Smart trainers have boosted the popularity of indoor training tenfold over the past couple of years and are now as popular as ever for obvious reasons. You can train from the safety of your own home, complete long rides at any hour and keep your bike away from the wet and dirty roads. They work by connecting to an application like Zwift and recreate the ride that you have chosen. If you’re climbing for example, the resistance will get tougher, replicating the sensation of going uphill and if you are descending, the resistance will decrease and so on. Don’t forget to use the steel quick release that is supplied with the trainer, as it is designed specifically for the purpose and it won’t be damaged by the clamp. 

The age of Zwift

There is arguably no better indoor training platform than Zwift. The online cycling training program that allows you to interact, train and compete in a virtual world from the relative comfort of your smart trainer. The difference between training on Zwift with a smart trainer and the traditional static bike or basic turbo trainer is truly remarkable. The application has training plans, big rides and plenty of community interaction, so if you’re stuck inside and need to train, Zwift is your best bet. It gives you all the details, metrics, outputs and profiles you could ever wish for. 

There are plenty of plans on the app itself, as well as on sites such as the British Cycling website. To help you get started we have 12-month and 3-month Zwift membership vouchers in stock now.

Home training accessories 

So, where do you store all this extra stuff you need when training indoors? Companies like TACX have some ingenious solutions to this space question, helping you keep everything nice and close, and cut down on clutter.

Training from home is sweaty business so it is important to protect your tech, your property and your bike from the build-up of condensation. We have a few practical frame protector towels in stock as well as wheel elevators to keep you from leaving rub marks on your flooring, and to bring the front wheel up to the same level as the back. Always remember to crack a window and clean up after your session to prevent nasty wall mould. 

There really has never been a better time to start a home exercise plan. To see all the gear mentioned in this post, come in to one of our stores or see what we have in stock through our website. Whether you’re working from home or need to get out on your own for a few hours, stay safe, stay fit and continue supporting your local stores. 

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