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Top tips for indoor training

Top tips for indoor training

Top tips for indoor training

With stricter measures in place to curb the spread of coronavirus within our communities, it seems indoor training is the order of the day for most cyclists. Last week our post was about how to keep pedalling both outdoors and in but as a sign of how the situation is changing, we’re now going to focus purely on training from the comfort and safety of your own home. Pros are certainly leading the way in this regard and showing how effective bits of kit like smart trainers are. Here are our top tips for indoor training.

Get an indoor trainer

Our smart trainers are currently out of stock due to the increased demand, but we hope to have some back in store soon. In the meantime, we still have a good selection of stationary turbo trainers. Indoor trainers are fantastic tools when it comes to home exercise, and there is a wealth of training plans online, not to mention a large community that are keen to help you reach your goal. Top tip: make sure you use the steel quick release that is supplied with the trainer, it will work better than your bike’s own quick release as it won’t slip or be damaged by the clamp.

Sign on to Zwift

Zwift is busier than it has ever been and for good reason. The online training platform is a fantastic way of structuring your exercise plans and acts as a good motivator. With so many riders already on Watopia, there is always someone to ride with, people to interact with and goals to achieve. You can even ride with the pros on specially organised group events.

Sort out your surroundings 

It’s good to get your home exercise training area sorted before you start working out. Think of it like turbo Feng Shui. Sort out a space for your tablet or power readout so that you can see it as you ride, crack a window or get a fan in to prevent damp, and throw down a mat or towel so that you don’t wreck your bike or floor with nasty sweat.

Kit up

As previously indicated, cycling indoors is pretty sweaty work. However, this gives you the option to don kit that would otherwise never see the light of day. Gone are the winter jackets and gloves, indoor cycling is pretty much a summer sport all year round. We have a wide range of base layers and vests which will help keep you feeling and looking cool in your pain cave.

Stay hydrated

It is vital that you stay hydrated while cycling indoors. The combination of putting out exhausting efforts in a contained space and unnatural cooling systems like fans dehydrates a rider very quickly. So, aim to drink about half-a-litre to a litre of water per hour to keep on top of dehydration.


Similarly, you lose a lot of electrolytes through sweat when you’re riding on a home trainer. Drinking electrolytes throughout your training will both keep you hydrated and prevent you from cramping during and after exercise. 


As well as keeping hydrated during your training, it’s vital you recover well too – chances are you’ll want to get back on within 24 hours, just to stave off boredom. Making sure you warm down on the bike after an effort is particularly important and if you’re fan of protein and whey-based products, you can use these to aid muscle recovery. 

There never has been a better time to start a home exercise plan. To see all the gear mentioned in this post, take a look at our website. 

As of 6pm on 25/03/20 we have closed our doors to all walk in customers until the 13th of April 2020 at which point we will re-assess and make a decision accordingly in line with government guidance. Over this period we will still have minimal staff in store, and our hours may fluctuate daily. We will endeavour to keep you updated with and significant changes via social media and posters on the door. We will be able to process phone and web orders, along with answering any questions or queries our customers may have. It may take slightly longer than normal for us to deal with day to day business so please bear with us. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and understand that plenty of people will want to be out exercising during this time. However, we feel we have to do what is right to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible. 

We will be operating our mail order business as best we can. We may not get to the phone so please drop us a line to: [email protected] Tel: 01244 317893

We all love cycling and understand the value of the sport. Some things are more important though so keep safe, keep fit and stay at home to help prevent the spread of illness. Your routes aren’t going anywhere, and we’ll be here for you when we can all get back out on our bikes. 

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