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Ground breaking helmet tech from Bontrager

Ground breaking helmet tech from Bontrager

Ground breaking helmet tech from Bontrager

It's not every day that a piece of tech comes around that promises to totally change the face of cycling. Bontrager's new WaveCel technology is that once-in-a-generation innovation, one that's going to totally change the whole helmet game.

Let's take an in-depth look at this brand-new WaveCel technology…

What is WaveCel?

Trek and their sister brand, Bontrager, have been storming social media recently with a lot of cryptic clues surrounding a secret, brand-new innovation. That secret was finally revealed yesterday, Trek and Bontrager parting the curtains to reveal WaveCel, a new technology that promises to be 48 times more effective than standard EPS foam at preventing concussions.

WaveCel is constructed from a collapsible cellular material that's designed to absorb energy in a variety of different ways, helping to dissipate impact energy and reduce the chance of dangerous concussions.

This Bontrager-exclusive material is the brainchild of a biomechanical engineer and an orthopaedic surgeon who wanted to try and reduce the amount of dangerous and traumatic brain injuries associated with sports like cycling. Their decades of expertise in the field have resulted in one pretty spectacular piece of tech - your head is safe in their hands.

How does it work?

WaveCel's cellular material is designed to absorb impact energy in three different ways, by flexing, crumpling and gliding. Instead of just protecting against direct impacts like standard EPS foam does, WaveCel can protect the cyclist's head depending on the way in which they crash.

This means that the helmet can protect against dangerous rotational motions during certain types of impacts. It's these snap rotations that commonly cause concussions, especially among cyclists, so a helmet that can protect against such dangerous movement is ideal.

According to Bontrager, "WaveCel absorbs energy in multiple ways. On impact, the layers of the WaveCel material move independently and flex until the cell walls crumple and then glide, actively absorbing direct and rotational energy and redirecting it away from your head.

"This three-step change in material structure"”flex, crumple, glide"”is remarkably effective at dispersing the energy from an impact. Nearly 99 times out of 100, WaveCel prevents concussions from common cycling accidents."

Added features

Concussion-preventing technology isn't the only new feature that Trek and Bontrager are adding to their helmets. In an effort to make cycling even safer, they're now also offering a range of different, brightly coloured and reflective designs, as well as integrated lights and mounting systems for seamless accessory attachment.

The new technologies will be spread across a range of new helmets offered by Bontrager, from their race-orientated Bontrager XXX WaveCel to their Bontrager Charge WaveCel, a helmet designed for commuting around town.

Where can I buy?

Here at the Bike Factory of course! Whether that's online or in store, we're stocking a wide range of Bontrager's new WaveCel helmets.

The Bontrager XXX WaveCel is a lightweight helmet optimised for speed, while making no compromises on that all-important safety aspect. It's well vented, but also incredibly aero, making it perfect for all different kinds of road racing, abroad or here in the UK.


The Specter WaveCel is another road-specific helmet from Bontrager with a little more venting than the XXX. This allows air to flow straight through the helmet, keeping you cool during those warmer days in the saddle.


For the mountain bikers among you, Bontrager's Blaze WaveCel is the perfect choice. With all the great features like the Fidlock magnetic buckle, BOA tightening system and comfy antimicrobial pads that the rest of the helmet range share, the Blaze also has a front Blendr mount system for easy GoPro integration, allowing you to capture all those sweet trail shots.


Bontrager's Charge WaveCel helmet is the last one in the range, optimised for inner-city riding and commuting with its ergonomic and extremely comfortable design.


To view our entire helmet range, make sure you click here. If you want to try out one of these new helmets before you buy, why not head down to the store, our friendly team will be more than happy to size you up for the perfect one.

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