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Precision Bike Fit

The fit procedure is a four-pronged process. The first phase is an interview with you, the rider. We conduct this interview to gather a range of information including the style of riding you are doing/looking to partake in, injury history, problems on the bike, miles per week etc…. This is done because every rider has different needs and issues with regards to their bike, therefore, not every rider should be set up to how they are perceived to look on a bike.

We then conduct a physical assessment using 21 tests, to look at the riders posture and physical profile. The rationale behind the physical assessment is to help identify your range of motion of the rider and also find any physical anomalies/limitations which may cause or already be causing issues on the bike (such as leg length discrepancies or angulated foot posture). This is combined with the interview to dictate the position you will be in on the bike because unfortunately, not all of us are as flexible as Wiggins, and consequently, cannot physically sustain a position like Wiggo.

After the first two phases of the fit, you will then be asked to get on the bike, which will then be fitted to your bespoke needs. The fit is done using bike fit specific tools including a goniometer, laser level and a Trek Precision fit jig (if needed) in order to get your position dialed in as accurately as possible. I will also use a camera motion capture system which helps refine and evidence the changes I make during the fit. I then provide a detailed report of the results from the interview, physical assessment and the changes made to your position.

The final phase of the fit process is the follow-up consultation. This takes place roughly 4-6 weeks following the initial fit, to allow you to get used to any changes made. The follow-up is inclusive of the price and involves the re-evaluation of your fit and iron out any niggles you may of still had.

For a little background on myself, I am a Physiology, Master of Science MSc graduate that has worked in the cycling trade for 7-years, here at the Bike Factory, so I do know my way around a body and a bike. I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Science which provided me with skills and knowledge of Physiology and the Biomechanics in sport. Additionally, I am trained in both Specialized Body Geometry Fit and Trek Precision Fit, which I believe makes me the most qualified fitter and cycling science specialist in this area. I hope that gives you some confidence to choose our store for a bike fit.