Pinarello go off-road

Pinarello go off-road

Pinarello go off-road

Italian bike builders, Pinarello, are renowned for their sleek, aerodynamic road machines, but not really for their off-road counterparts. Until now. The new Grevil is a gravel grinder that can truly do it all.

From the ground up

The premise is similar to most other gravel and adventure bikes - a machine that allows you to explore just about any kind of terrain, kicking up dust clouds as it goes. Where the Grevil differs, however, is in its design, which Pinarello themselves describe as 'a whole new approach in pure Italian style'.

Rather than basing the Grevil off one of their road bikes, Pinarello have instead constructed a bike from the ground up, ensuring that every line, every curve, every shape is honed for gravel grinding and off-road adventuring. The geometry has a slightly higher than average stack and a slacker seat tube angle, allowing riders to adopt a more comfortable, upright position, as well as improve deflection and suspension in the seatpost.

Pinarello have even honed the carbon layup of the Grevil in a bid to enhance its off-road capabilities. By striking the perfect mix of asymmetry and reactivity within the carbon frame, comfort and pedalling efficiency are vastly improved. Not only does this bike absorb all the nasty bumps strewn across a gravel track, but it is also capable of sustaining high speeds.

Bringing aerodynamics to the gravel grinding game

Pinarello have placed a lot of emphasis on aerodynamics with the new Grevil. Many might turn up their nose at an aero gravel bike, but there's no denying that small aero benefits soon add up over those long and competitive off-road rides. The aerodynamics of the Grevil really set it apart from the competition, etching a unique space for the bike in the wider gravel market.

It's not just the super-sleek frame that limits drag. One of its aero features is the unique 'Fork Flap', a small shroud that covers the disc caliper to smoothen air flow around the braking area. Another is the kinked and concave down tube, a design that allows the bottle to be placed in a recess, further reducing drag in one of the key areas.

The Grevil's gravel gadgets

No gravel bike is complete without a wealth of handy additions that help to improve the comfort, efficiency and enjoyment of an intrepid adventure ride. The Grevil is no different and boasts a long list of cool features and components to get those fires of wanderlust stoked and blazing away.

Eyelets on the underside of the downtube accommodate a third bottle cage, ensuring you're never short of water, even when you venture far away from civilisation. The seat clamp has also shrunk and been moved to the front of the seatpost in contrast to the road-specific Dogma model. Pinarello claim that this is to prevent any bolts from clogging up with mud and to reduce the chance of water penetrating the frame which could, if given the chance, begin to wear away at the Grevil's insides.

Boasting a tyre clearance of 42mm for 700c wheels or 2.1in for 650b wheels, the Grevil adopts the near-defacto clearance for most modern gravel bikes, allowing some customisation should you wish to swap wheelsets. The Grevil is also compatible with both 1x and standard drivetrains in either mechanical or electronic variants - satisfying just about every camp in the gravel grinding community.

Two models of the Grevil are available: the entry-level Grevil constructed from Toray T700 fibres, and the Grevil+, Pinarello's top-end gravel muncher made from their finest Toray T1100G UD fibres.

If you're like us and yearn for two-wheeled adventures, hungry to explore the roads less travelled, then the Grevil and Grevil+ are the perfect mounts for your intrepid journey. Be sure to pop into our store or send us a quick email to enquire about the Grevil's availability.

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