The all new Trek Dual Sport+

The all new Trek Dual Sport+

The all new Trek Dual Sport+

If there's one thing that cyclists love, it's the ability to go absolutely anywhere and conquer any kind of road. This often causes a few problems however, there really isn't just one kind of bike that can conquer such a wide variety of terrain - or is there?

Trek's all-new Dual Sport+ may just provide the answer for those cyclists yearning for a go-anywhere, do-it-all kind of bike. Oh, and did we mention it was also comes with an electrifying turbo boost?

Town or trail? The choice is yours

The all-new Dual Sport+ champions versatility. Its wide range of adaptable features and components make it just as adept on the muddy trails as it is on the paved, morning commutes.

Never has a bike fit the bill of 'hybrid' more aptly than the new Dual Sport+, it resembles a zippy cross-country bike in appearance, but peering deeper you'll notice the ergonomic features perfectly suited for commuting to and from the office.

A geometry for all occasions

Built around an Alpha Gold Aluminium frame, the new Dual Sport+ is incredibly lightweight - despite also carrying a powered motor and battery unit. This is one of the lightest, highest-performing aluminium frames that Trek offers, created through continuous cold extrusions that are butted and then manipulated into the perfect shape.

This manipulated shape ensures that strength is balanced in all the right places and weight saved in others, creating a bike that feels both firm and planted, as well as nimble and light on its feet. With Trek's comfort-first geometry also thrown into the frame's design, the Dual Sport+ promotes an ideal, upright riding position for those looking to enjoy their time in the saddle and stave off any niggling aches and pains.

Give your ride a boost

The turbo-powered motor at the base of the frame is partly concealed by the drivetrain, so you may fool a few into thinking you're pedalling a 'normal' hybrid bike. This flush integration is also echoed with the battery unit, Trek's Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system hiding the battery within the frame's downtube, granting easy access for maintenance or charging. With 500 Wh of juice and a guaranteed long lifespan, this battery will keep your bike ticking over even on the most far-ranging of rides.

The motor itself, a Bosch Active Line Plus, boasts 50 Nm of torque - the perfect amount for a smooth ride, yet still enough to give you that added boost when the going gets particularly tough. With 250-watts in the tank, the motor can power you up to speeds of 25kph.

Both the battery and motor's vitals are prominently displayed on the Bosch Purion Display mounted on the handlebars. Scrolling through speeds, distance, elapsed time and battery life is easy and can be done without ever removing a hand from the bars.

It's the little things that shine

This bike is neither a mud-hungry trail-blazer, nor a stalwart commuter - it's rather a perfect blend of the two. With powerful hydraulic disc brakes, the Dual Sport+ inspires confidence in its rider, no matter the quality of surface beneath the wheels. The bike then borrows from the commuting concept, fixing a pair of ergonomic grips to the handlebars to vastly improve comfortability and allow for greater control of the bike.

Throw in an SR Suntour NRX suspension fork with a lockout feature, a zippy 10-speed drivetrain and wide, Bontrager Hard-Case tyres, and this bike soon becomes everything it was prophesied to be - a proper, do-it-all, go anywhere kind of bike.

Perhaps the most impressive little feature, however, is the Dual Sport+'s integrated Lync front and rear light system. It runs off the main battery and is all automated, switching from misty day flash to night steady mode as soon as the darkness starts to descend - perfect for both morning and evening commutes.

If the Dual Sport+ sounds like your kind of bike, then make sure you drop us an email, or pop into one of our stores to enquire about their availability.

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