eZesty Mountain biking Edefined.

eZesty Mountain biking Edefined.

eZesty Mountain biking Edefined.

Lapierre e-Zesty AM

Change your mind about the electric assistance

Shorter bases compared to the eMTBs on the market to increase nervousness and reactivity. At the same time, we have been working on the centralization of the masses in order to guarantee excellent climbing behaviour. This work has also brought stability to the driving and efficiency to the pedalling.

A smooth and jerk-free engine that is totally forgotten when you ride more than 25 kph, leaving the possibility of free pedalling without resistance and without noise. A promising autonomy to provide maximum pleasure.

A precise bike in the driving, which allows you to position yourself correctly and easily. The e-Zesty is certainly heavier than a non-electric MTB in the same category, but this overweight is quickly forgotten when it comes to riding in committed singles.

Challenge and philosophy

The feeling of a real All Mountain with the little extra power that will make the difference.

We have a duty to offer bicycles that can be fitted to everyone's needs. Our requirement was to offer a different product for "electro-sceptics" or people who want to switch to a softer engine.

We have therefore combined the best of our know-how to create a new generation of eMTB AM.

Our promise

Short of breath, thighs petrified… haven't you ever needed a little more power? Completely re-designed integration, unique motorisation and optimised weight… the promise of our eZesty Fazua:

  • A unique integration and motorisation
  • Change your mind about the electric assistance
  • A design
  • A unique integration
  • A new frame

We have rebuilt everything to create a different and resolutely high-performance bike. The geometry is totally new compared to our previous models to stick with customer's practices and so… be modern.

The finishing touches have been worked on in order to have the most complete bike possible.

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