The ultimate aero race bike

The ultimate aero race bike

The ultimate aero race bike

There are few superbikes that are quite as light and aero as the 2019 Trek Madone, a bike designed solely to crush any competition that it comes up against. An upgrade on the previous generation, this new model is faster, lighter and even more aero than ever before - so fast that many reputable reviewers have rated it as the 'best 2019 superbike'.

But what is it that makes the new Madone so breathtakingly quick? Let's have a look…

The pinnacle of aerodynamic research

Trek's Madone model has always been super quick; as their designated aero bike it's had years of research channelled straight into its design. This new iteration of the aero bike marks the pinnacle of that research, making it the fastest road bike Trek have ever produced.

One of the biggest changes Trek have made from their 2018 model is adding their unique IsoSpeed feature. First debuted on their classics-optimised Domane race bike, this IsoSpeed feature decouples the seat tube from the rest of the Madone's frame, connecting it with a pivot axle and a set of cartridge bearings to allow more flex over rough terrain. This makes the bike just as dominant on the rough cobbled terrain as it is on the tarmac - a perfect all-rounder.

The IsoSpeed feature can also be adjusted and tailored to a rider's specific style, making their ride smoother or harder depending on the terrain they're planning to ride.

Another big change from the 2018 model is the addition of disc brakes. The disc brakes on the 2019 Madone Disc are proven to be just as aero as the rim brakes on the 2018 model, offering superior stopping ability at no aero cost.

These new aero-optimised discs and blade-like front forks create a front end that effortlessly slices through the air, making it the perfect bike for hitting super speeds on the flat, whether you're riding it in a TT or bunch sprint.

Trek has tweaked the geometry of their 2018 model to create a new and unique H1.5 pro geometry. This new shape allows the Madone to remain incredibly aero while also offering improved levels of comfort and overall ride quality. Not many aero bikes can claim a comfy ride like the Madone can.

To complete the new 2019 build, Trek have manufactured a neat two-piece aero bar and stem with seamless internal cable routing. This allows for a lot more customisability without sacrificing any aero gains, making it ideal for those of you who like to swap and change between stem lengths.

Rave reviews

BikeRadar gave the 2019 Madone the prestigious title of 'superbike of the year' in their recent competition which also included the Cannondale SystemSix, BMC Timemachine Road, Orbea Orca Aero and Cervelo S5.

"A five-star performer, but it comes at a huge price."

Even at such a high cost, the Madone offers a certain something that no-one can put a price on, as explained by Cyclist in their raving review.

"The new Trek Madone SLR Disc proves that beauty is more than skin deep."

The 2019 Madone is more than just another superbike, it's a bike that captures the hearts of both amateurs and pros alike.

Project One paintjob

One of the biggest reasons the new Madone has managed to garner so much attention and love in the cycling community is the unique Project One custom programme that Trek offer.

This allows customers to spec the exact components and dream paint scheme that they've always wanted. Currently Trek offer six pre-configured colour schemes for the Madone, from Sunburst to Chrome. They're all irresistible and have had us drooling ever since they arrived at the shop.

Does the new Madone tickle your fancy? Then check out the range we have online, or pop into the shop to try one out for yourself.

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