Essential Winter Kit

Essential Winter Kit

Essential Winter Kit

There is a permanent film of water and grit on the roads, it's is cold and windy, and the sun rarely shows up for work. This can mean only one thing: the country is in the firm grip of winter. Although any motivational slump might very well have been overcome now, particularly after the debauchery of Christmas indulgence and the promise of a New Year. All the same, winter can be a tough time to be a cyclist. It doesn't have to be, though. Somebody once said, "there's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong kit". As cyclists, nothing could be closer to the truth.

We've put together our vital winter cycling list so that you can get your kit right every time.

Specialized Neck Warmer Merino

The neck warmer is an item with multiple uses and it should be one of the most valued pieces of kit. Keeping the neck and core warm are perhaps the most important things to remember during the winter months. Its length lends itself to being a perfect hat or balaclava too. Finally, its merino wool properties are not just ideally suited to insulation, but also to wicking moisture and breathability, so it shouldn't smell!

Mavic Cosmic H2O Overshoes

There is nothing worse than cold toes on the bike. Once the frost sets in, the numbness creeps up your foot and through the ankle, making it feel like someone's hacked off your feet. It is a really good idea to invest in some decent, water and wind resistant overshoes for the harshest of winter days. Something like these Cosmic overshoes won't provide central heating, but they will keep the worst of winter's bite from your feet.

Sealskinz All Weather Cycling Gloves

If cold toes are the worst, then cold hands come a close second. Cyclists need their hands for shifting and braking, so to let your hands freeze is frankly dangerous! Sealskinz are at the top of their class when it comes to insulation and bad weather gear. These all-weather gloves are waterproof, breathable and windproof, but do not sacrifice dexterity and comfort. A great choice for rides from Autumn thru Spring.

Cateye Lightpair Volt 200/Rapid Mini

The days may finally be getting longer, but the progress is inextricably slow, and the hours in darkness far outweigh the light. It is also permanently gloomy, with the infrequent sunny exception, so at the very least, a flashing red light is an important addition to the winter bike. The Cateye Lightpair range provide powerful variable lighting for all conditions, and you can choose flash frequency and brightness to suit the ride and light level.

Specialized Rbx Pro Gore Winter Jacket

A warm core will make every ride infinitely more enjoyable and productive, and you cant get much better than Gore Windstopper technology. Pair that with Specialized performance engineering and the result is a jacket that is all but guaranteed to keep you warm. Its three-layer fabric includes a comfortable inner fleece, Windstopper layer and soft outer shell.

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