New year, New you ?! New bike!

New year, New you ?! New bike!

New year, New you ?! New bike!

New Year, new you. All around the world, people are planning how they're going to become a better person in 2017. If you're a cyclist looking for a way to make the most of the new year, we've got a list of resolutions and targets that will ought to fit the bill.

1. Set Targets

You don't need me to tell you that by setting achievable and measurable targets will result in a huge increase in productivity and potential. Set an overall objective for the year; perhaps you have a goal weight you can aim for, or a race you've got your eye on. If you're not quite as motivated by competition or weight loss there's also some fairly simple goals you can set in terms of distance ridden or climbed. Strava will tell you how much you did in 2016, so maybe you could simply increase that magic number by 10% and straight away you've got something to keep you on course. Write them down and work out how you're going to prepare for success.

2. Enter Events

Now is as good a time as any to plan which sportives and/or races you're going to enter and work towards in 2017. It is the start of a new year, everyone is planning on some sort of reform, and motivation is at a high. Do an internet search and pick a handful of events. With a clear timeline in place you can begin to train with specific goals in mind.

3. Monster Mileage

Look at what you've achieved this year, then once you've clambered over the wall of guilt, get out the calculator and ask yourself how far you can push yourself in one year. Then cut it down to work out what average daily distance you're going to be required to do and perhaps distribute bigger chunks in July and August rather than attempting to cram in equal distances all year round. From a mental perspective, flipping your weekly schedule so that it starts rather than ends with the weekend means that you can front load the mileage. You will ride more at the weekend so get most of the work out of the way before the working week threatens to get in the way.

4. Healthy Eating

We're not going to bang on for too long about nutrition, but it is worth thinking about. Start by replacing mid-morning biscuit(s) with mid-morning handful of trail mix, and think about the distribution of carbohydrates in meals (carbohydrates = energy). I.e. what's the point in filling your plate with potatoes or pasta late at night when you're about to spend eight hours horizontal?

5. New Year, New Bike

It is a new year, you're on the healthy eating wagon, and you're aiming for a huge mileage in 2017. All that's left to maximise the motivation, is to select your new steed which will carry you through your best cycling year yet. A new bike is the number one incentive to get out and test yourself and the machine. It being winter and with the Spring Classics just around the corner, look no further than the Trek Domane, complete with disc brakes and years of race-winning pedigree. Perfectly suited to rubbish roads, the Domane will gladly accompany you on even the worst of rides and would also be at home on the start line of any event or race.

Here are a few of options to suit different budgets

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