The best E-bikes from the Bike Factory

The best E-bikes from the Bike Factory

The best E-bikes from the Bike Factory

Carving their own path in the cycling market, e-bikes are fast becoming the bike of choice for those wanting to add a little turbo-boost to their weekend ride or midweek commute. You can't knock it till you've tried it, and once you've tried it, you'll struggle to go.

Turbo powered roadsters

Road bikes are often the sleekest and speediest two-wheeled machines, ready to fly up and down lofty mountain passes. Keeping up with the rest of your group can sometimes prove a challenge however, especially if you're not getting any younger. The road e-bike options from the Bike Factory are more sleek than many of the e-bikes you've probably seen around, with batteries and motors hidden away so you'll hardly notice at first glance.

Pinarello's Nytro e-bike is their first dabble in the turbo-powered market and they got the design spot on. Constructed from lightweight carbon fibre and equipped with a punchy motor, this bike can boost you up to a whopping 400 watts on the steeper stuff, allowing you to fly up the climbs. Trek's e-bike variant of the Domane, the Domane +, is quite similar, using the combination of lightweight carbon fibre and a powerful motor, as well as super-crisp SRAM Force 1 shifting. This is a bike that will help you keep up with even the fastest in your group.

Raleigh's Mustang Comp is a slightly more eccentric version of a road-specific e-bike. Its slacker geometry, wider tyre clearance and more upright position make it more suited to long distance adventure riding than traditional road. The Mustang is designed for ragging along quintessentially British bridleways, the bump-eating compliance more than capable of absorbing the loose gravel, ruts and all too common potholes.

Trail-blazing with a twist

Everyone loves flying along the trail at top-speed but what we don't all really warm to is lugging our bikes back up to the top for another run. That's where an e-MTB comes in, one that can deliver the speed and supreme handling uphill as well as downhill.

Haibike are e-bike specialists and their latest Xduro Fullseven, the Carbon 10s, is a trail-blazing beauty. Built with all kinds of off-road riding in mind, this full-suspension e-MTB can crush both cross-country tracks and the more technical enduro trails. The Specialized Turbo Levo is a similar machine and is available in a wide array of models, from the super-lightweight S-Works at the top of the range, to the more affordable but equally tough Levo Comp.

Like both the Haibike and Specialized, Trek's Powerfly Lt 9.9 is also built with off-roading in mind, but with longer travel suspension and fat tyres, it can carry a little more speed over the rougher trails. With an OCLV Mountain Carbon main frame, the Powerfly is extremely light for an e-MTB, which makes it perfect for powering up to the top of the hills for another run towards sea-level.

Conquer the commute

There's only one thing worse than having to wake up at the crack of dawn on a Monday morning, and that's battling for road space at rush hour. Throwing a turbo-powered motor onto your commuting machine will help you get to the office without breaking a sweat. The more easily sustained speeds that come with a motor can't help either.

The Specialized Turbo Vado is an urban cruiser, with every aspect of the bike designed specifically to deal with the many challenges of inner city riding. Mudguards, a rear pannier and bump-eating front suspension, not to mention a powerful motor, make this the ultimate e-bike for getting around the city, completing errand after errand with no fear of tiring out.

Haibike's Xduro Urban takes city riding up a notch with its radical and unique design. Constructed from Haibike's toughest aluminium and topped off with some race-ready components, this is a bike built for blitzing through the city. Another e-commuter designed for the urban environment is Trek's Super Commuter. Everything from the sleek hydroformed frame to the matte black colour scheme just scream stealth and speed.

Fancy getting your hands on one of our e-Bikes? View the rest of the range here or come to the store and try one out for yourself - remember, don't knock it till you've tried it!

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