Our picks of the flash sale

Our picks of the flash sale

Our picks of the flash sale

As we head into the autumnal season with winter only a few months away, it's come to that time of year again - the time to stock up on all the gear you didn't manage to grab over the summer. We've made it all the more easy and affordable for you, summarising the best picks from our Flash Sale right here…

Best in bikes

The cyclocross season is just around the corner and whether you're a complete newbie or seasoned veteran, you'll no doubt want to hit up the local 'cross races over the next few months. The Specialized Crux E5 2018 is a perfect entry-mid level machine, complete with disc brakes, super-grippy Tracer Sport tyres and a durable, incredibly stiff E5 Premium Aluminium frame. This is one cyclocross rig that's ready to race straight from the box.

If you're yearning for a little added boost during this dreary winter period, why not look into our range of electric bikes? From high-performance MTB rigs to comfy commuters, the list of battery-powered two-wheelers on our website is endless. Our pick of the electric bunch has to be the Sduro Cross 7.0 from Haibike, an off-road rig optimised for both trekking and long, off-road touring with its long life battery and 50-300% power assistance.

The road season may end around October time, but that's no reason to relegate the road bike to the back of the shed. Switching to a designated winter bike is a popular choice for many roadies, opting for a machine with a durable aluminium frame, slacker, more comfortable geometry and no-fuss components that are easy to service and maintain. The Trek Emonda Alr 6 Dnister 18 fits the bill perfectly, not to mention it's also one of the lightest climbing bikes out there.

Best in clothing

Thermal arm warmers and bib tights are a must when it comes to cold weather riding, regardless of whether you're hitting the singletrack or cruising the back lanes. Look for those thermals sporting a breathable yet water resistant membrane with a soft thermal layer on the inside. Specialized make some of the best and they also happen to be some of our most discounted items in the whole sale.

The cold isn't the only thing you'll have to worry about over the coming seasons, with rain and wind no doubt looking to spoil many of our rides. Layering is essential, so a warm jersey underneath a waterproof thermal jacket is going to be infinitely more effective than your standard woollen fleece. Oh, and don't forget the mitts. Numb fingers will not only dampen your spirits, they will also significantly decrease your ability to break and react to sudden situations while out riding.

Best in accessories

Clothing and the bikes themselves cover the bare essentials, but we're all partial to a few little extras just to make our rides that little bit easier come the cold winter season.

A quality GPS system can not only direct you from A to B - running errands to and from the city - it can also be used to navigate you away from some pretty dire situations. Garmin make some of the sleekest and most efficient GPS systems out there, ranging from their simple Edge 25 displaying speed and distance, to the high-tech 820 with full-colour maps and a wealth of navigation options.

As the days get shorter and the nights ever longer, now is a great time to also invest in a set of lights. From full beam spotlights to blinking rubber lights, the choices are vast. It's all about being seen, not necessarily which is the higher-performing light, so why not have a look at a range and see which suits you best.

These are just some of our picks from the Flash Sale, so make sure you look at the full range of items on offer, from sale bikes of all disciplines, to accessories, clothing and components.

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