Must-have transitional kit for autumn

Must-have transitional kit for autumn

Must-have transitional kit for autumn

It happens every year. Just as we get settled into a summer of bare-legged riding, the weather takes a turn and the time comes to seek refuge from the elements once more. With autumn just around the corner, we think it's a good idea to be prepared for the dreary weather on the way, so here are 5 potential additions to your cycling wardrobe that'll keep you warm and dry:

Knee warmers

Whilst we're a couple of months away from needing to go out in full bib tights, it certainly can't hurt to have a set of knee warmers at your disposal. A black pair will go with just about any of your existing shorts, and will offer that little bit of extra warmth that you'll need on those late-season rides. Plus, you'll have half as much leg that'll need shaving.


To stay warm on a long autumn ride, it's vital to protect your extremities. Those fingerless gloves you've been wearing all summer won't cut the mustard for much longer, but a slim, full-fingered pair will see you right through to the depths of winter. Gloves like this one from Specialized will help keep that pesky wind chill from ruining your ride, as well as keep your hands dry when the heavens inevitably open.


We're still not sure which is the most important benefit of an overshoe: keeping your feet warmer or your shoes cleaner. Either way, what we do know is that they're an essential for riding in non-perfect conditions. A fluorescent pair of waterproof shoe covers will ensure you're seen, and add a dash of colour to your autumn ride.

Base layer

From a cyclist's view, this time of year hangs in an uncomfortable meteorological purgatory, where a jacket will leave you too hot, and a short-sleeved jersey too cold. Thankfully, someone out there invented the lightweight base layer, providing a non-bulky option for when the weather is just about alright. A good one will wick moisture quickly away from your body and keep you comfortably warm, whilst allowing you to show off your summer jerseys for another month or two.

Arm warmers

Another godsend for wet-weather riding, the arm warmer is a cheaper, more versatile alternative to forking out for a long-sleeved jersey. Available in a variety of thicknesses and materials, they can be whipped off mid-ride and stowed in a jersey pocket if the sun makes an appearance. We recommend a merino wool pair; their unique mix of breathability and warmth make them not only ideal for autumn, but winter as well.

With your arsenal of purpose-made gear to combat the weather, there'll be no excuse for not getting out on the bike this autumn.

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