Gain the advantage with Orbea

Gain the advantage with Orbea

Gain the advantage with Orbea

The Basque Country in northern Spain has an intense passion for cycling. It’s something of a paradise, the most bike-mad part of this bike-mad country. Since 1930 Orbea have been designing, testing and producing bikes from their Basque factory, competing with the bigger brands while holding on to their roots. It’s a truly beautiful part of the country and from there they produce some truly beautiful bikes.

Orbea’s heritage is built on competitive road cycling. The 1980s saw them take the road scene by storm, culminating with victory in the 1985 Vuelta a España for a young Pedro Delgado, riding for the Gin MG-Orbea team. Today Orbea make bikes of all types for riders all around the world, from Grand Tour stage-winning pros to your mates in the bikepark, infused with Basque passion and packed full of the latest tech.

The latest world-beater to be welcomed into the Orbea stable is the Gain, an exceptionally lightweight and rideable e-bike, a machine that heeds the call of the open road.

Enhance your ride, expand your adventure

Orbea recognised early on the advantages of battery-powered assistance for road riders. An e-bike allows them to go further, to extend their days in the saddle and to discover what lies over that next mountain. It permits less experienced riders to ride with the old hands, to savour the joy of riding with others and the feeling of the wind in their hair, no matter their level of fitness.

The Gain was designed to complement your ride, not to dominate it. Its rear hub motor provides you with that little push when the effort starts to tell when the road points upward or the headwinds start to bite. And since the motor is in the rear hub you’ll experience drag-free pedalling when the Gain is not providing the push.

Enough power, enough energy

That rear hub motor is the key to what makes the Gain such a unique e-bike. As we’ve come to expect from our Basque friends, it’s a classy design that provides smooth and reliable assistance at all levels. They call it ‘Enough Power’. We call it damn cool. Either way, we think you’ll love it.

To look at the Gain you’d be hard-pressed to identify it as an e-bike. Spanish flair flows through the lines of the Gain, and they’ve taken every step to fit the lightest and most discreet internal battery. Fear not though, there’s still plenty of oomph in there. Orbea call it the ‘Enough Energy’ concept – enough battery power for your ride, not more. After all, why carry around a bulky battery if you don’t need it?

It all works. The Gain is a light and highly capable road bike that just happens to have a little something for when you need a push. Once again Orbea have come up trumps.

Design your own Gain

Orbea recognise that everyone is unique – heck, the Basque Country is all about independence. With their ‘MyO’ system you can customise the colour scheme of many of their bikes to suit your style. Want a bright red frame with hints of yellow? No problem! Feel like a stealth all-black number? Go right ahead. The MyO system allows you to get as creative as you want.

We’ve seen some very happy people zoom off from our shop on their custom Orbea bikes. After all, we all know riding away on a new bike is great, but when that bike is unique and painted in your own style, well that’s even better!

Give us a call or pop in to see us and we’ll show you how it all works. As they say in Spain, Vamos – let’s get going!

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