Full suspension alternatives

Full suspension alternatives

Full suspension alternatives

Gone are the days when riding a hardtail meant that you were exclusively an XC rider. Hardtails have gone through a revival in the past few years and are now the bike of choice for many mountain bikers. Riding a bike without rear suspension can improve your riding while also giving you a machine that’s easier, and cheaper, to maintain.

Trek Roscoe

The Roscoe is Trek’s entry into the trail riding hardtail market. It strikes the right balance between geometry that makes downhill sections fun and fast, and a spec that makes climbing a breeze. The Roscoe 8 comes fitted with wide 27.5x2.8 tyres which offer several advantages over their skinnier cousins. The larger surface area improves grip when climbing and ripping across root sections, and as wider tyres are often run at lower pressures, they are better at soaking up some of the trail chatter without compromising grip.

The 12-speed NX Eagle drivetrain makes climbing nice and simple. The wide range of gears lets you spin your way up your favourite climbs while others grunt their way up the trail behind you. When you reach the top of the climb and the trail points downwards, you’ll find that the modern geometry really comes into its own. A slack head angle means the bike is comfortable and in control when the trail gets steep, while short chainstays make the bike easily manoeuvrable in tight, twisty sections.

Trek 1120 - Bikepacking

The hardtail revival owes a lot to the world of bikepacking. Loading your bike up with camping gear and venturing out into the wilderness for a few nights has captured the imagination of cyclists all over the world. While most bikes are capable of some form of bikepacking, true adventurers will be looking for something more specialised. The Trek 1120 is one of the best adventure bikes on the market today.

With bright orange front and rear racks, the 1120 makes it very clear what its purpose is. This bike was made to haul gear across remote landscapes on multiday trips. An array of mounts allow the rider to custom fit the bike to their exact specifications. The rigid, carbon front fork improves efficiency on longer rides and offers up more comfort than a traditional aluminium fork.

Specialized Chisel Expert - XC

Chances are you’ve seen one of these bikes at your local trail centre. The Specialized Chisel is one of the most popular bikes amongst XC riders. A lightweight frame paired with 29” wheels means that the Chisel is made to climb. With a short stem and modern XC geometry, you’ll be in the perfect position to grab the KOM on the nastiest climb you can find. Don’t think that this bike is just for climbing though.

Considered geometry choices by Specialized means the Chisel is at home when railing berms and chasing your friends down the trail. A 29x2.3 wheel setup gives the rider a more traditional XC experience and when you get the Chisel up to full speed it really excels. It’s fantastic at maintaining momentum allowing you to blast through technical sections where other XC bikes will struggle.

Specialized Pitch - Trail

Theres not a lot that beats taking a break from the world down a trail on a mountain bike, and the Pitch is the perfect bike to carry you away for the first time, geometry that gives fun-filled and agile descending without making climbing anything other than a breeze.

The Pitches design means you'll confidently roll over all kinds of terrain in comfort.

Modern hardtails have opened up a new world of mountain biking. Once you spend some time on a hardtail, you’ll wonder why everybody isn’t riding one. Check out our hardtail range and get in touch with us today to try one out.

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