​Five reasons to get a bike fit with the Bike Factory

​Five reasons to get a bike fit with the Bike Factory

​Five reasons to get a bike fit with the Bike Factory

Whether you've just recently invested in a new steed, or you simply want to get the most out of your current setup - a bike fitting session with our expert team could be the key that unlocks a whole new world of better performance and improved on-the-bike comfort.

Sometimes referred to as an 'invisible purchase' - because you don't actually acquire a new 'thing' to wear, use or ride when you're cycling - the bike fit session remains one of the best value things you can do to improve your experience. Whether you're a brand new rider or an experienced cyclist, we think you can benefit hugely from a bike fit. Here's five reasons why.


The main reason you should have a bike fit with the Bike Factory is that we've got the knowledge to do the process right. Our team boasts a Master of Science in Physiology, plus more than seven years of experience in the cycling industry - so you know you're in good hands.

We use a four-part approach, beginning with an interview that puts you in the centre of the process. We want to know what you ride, how often and what your experience level is. It all helps! We then do an assessment, involving 21 physical tests to see where you're at physiologically. It sounds like a lot, but it's essential for us to know how your body works! The third step is getting you to sit on a bike, at which point we'll use specialist bike fitting technology to ascertain what needs to be refined in your position. You'll get a full report of all the data we generate in this phase of the process. This is the point when the fit is applied to your new or current bike. The final phase of our process comes once you've had 4-6 weeks to test out the new setup. We'll invite you back in for the final refinements and adjustments.

We stand by our claim that we are the best bike fitting specialist in the area, so you can book a bike fit with us with total confidence.

Efficiency and performance

A good bike fit will help you get the maximum wattage from every pedal stroke, by eliminating any inefficiencies in your cycling action. By moving from the wrong to the right position on the bike you'll unlock a whole range of muscle function that you didn't have because it was inhibited before. You'll see a greater overall power output and generally improved endurance - or to put it another way, you'll ride faster and for longer.


This might seem like an obvious one - if you're suffering with a sore back after riding just a few miles then it's pretty clear there's something wrong with your seat position and its relation to the handlebars. That said, there are actually a whole bunch of other uncomfortable symptoms that you may not have even realised are linked to your position on the bike. Numbness in the hands, pains between the shoulder blades and aggravated tendons on either side of the knee are just as likely to be caused by a badly fitting bike.

Injury reduction

This is a big one. A large majority of cycling injuries come when the strain or stresses that are supposed to pass through the skeletal system are passed instead through the soft tissue around your bones. This can be caused by something in your ride position being ever-so-slightly off-kilter, but the effect can be huge. Common injuries or pains from a badly-fitting bike include recurring back and neck pain, tendinitis and tendeopathy.

You got better!

It may be a little surprising, but one reason you'd need a bike fit is that you became a better cyclist. The position that's comfortable for a beginner cyclist is not the same as the position that'll help an experienced rider get the most out of their machine. As you get fitter and stronger, you'll find you're able to adopt a more aggressive, more aero position on the bike without compromising on the comfort level. This is down in large part to the fact you're more flexible - an oft-overlooked factor in just how good of a rider you are or will become.

Want to book a bike fit? Call us on 01244 317 893 or send us an email.

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