Don't Hold Back

Don't Hold Back

Don't Hold Back

You love biking, right? We love biking too. There really isn’t anything that can match that feeling of freedom and fun that the right bike delivers. Wherever you prefer to ride, a bike designed with you in mind gives you wings.

Orbea is a Spanish bike manufacturer from the Basque Country. A fiercely independent and bike mad part of northern Spain, it’s home to some of the best riding in Europe. From their factory near Bilbao, the de facto capital of the region, Orbea design, test and refine some of the best bikes on the planet. Their new Wild FS is the real deal, a full-suss MTB that is all about adventure, able to climb anything, descend everything and do it all as fast as you like.

The Wild FS is about all-day comfort and stability. Its slack head angle and long wheelbase provide a stable ride, and with the sharp cornering provided by the lower bottom bracket and plenty of room to move in the large cockpit area, it’s a fun and capable machine that enhances your skills while it extends your range.

Range? Yes, range. You wouldn’t know it but the Wild FS is an e-MTB. Saving your energy for the real fun stuff means you can ride further than you thought possible. Rolling on 29er wheels and with 160mm of travel front and rear, it delivers maximum capability for long, fast rides over varied terrain. The Wild FS really does give you wings.

Trek supercharge your life

Alongside Orbea, Trek are a different beast altogether. While Orbea could be described as a smaller company, you’d not get away with that when referring to the Wisconsin-based bike behemoth. Trek have been making truly superb bikes since before we can remember, being so far ahead of the game that they seem to be in a different race sometimes. They’ve been on the e-bike bandwagon so long they’re practically driving the thing.

Their new Rail and Powerfly e-MTBs demonstrate this admirably. The Rail is a trail-hungry e-MTB with long-travel suspension for big mountains, steep descents and epic alpine adventures. Built-up with a 160mm fork and 150mm of rear travel it shreds just as hard as its non-electric brethren, then powers you right back up the mountain for another go. Featuring the same frame and suspension tech as found on all their world-beating mountain bikes it rips through technical terrain and shreds hard.

For adventure-minded riders who want to explore further, the Powerfly is powerful, capable and good old-fashioned fun. Available in hardtail and full-suss options the Powerfly opens up a whole new world of riding for less experienced riders.

The hardtail Powerfly models all feature mounts for rear racks along with 120mm front suspension, meaning they’re just as capable on the daily commute as the weekend shred through the woods.

The bikes in Trek’s full-suss Powerfly range are all-day shredding machines, experts at soaking up the steeper, more technical terrain. The Bosch pedal-assist means you can climb like never before. For riders stepping up to the world of full-suspension e-MTB riding these whips are as good as you can get.

Don’t let your bike hold you back on your next adventure. Get some power in you and go go go!

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