A bike for all occasions

A bike for all occasions

A bike for all occasions

With a hybrid bike, the clue is in the name - a bike made up of a combination of features from other two-wheeled machines including road, mountain bike, gravel grinder, you name it. The true commuting machine, hybrid bikes are rough and ready steeds, prepared for any kind of road that lies ahead. Here are just some of the best hybrid bikes that The Bike Factory has to offer.

The Trek range

While you may be more accustomed to seeing a Trek machine beneath the legs of Grand Tour contenders and classics superstars, the US-based company has also given the world some of the best multi-purpose roadsters on the market.

The Trek Fx is one of their standouts, drawing on a lot of design features from their road-ready counterparts. For instance, the men's Trek Fx S 6 Sl's OCLV Carbon frame comes complete with an IsoSpeed decoupler, just like their top of the range Domane road model. More relaxed geometry, flat handlebars and the IsoSpeed decoupler ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, allowing the rider to sit upright and gaze at the views flashing by. The Trek Fx also comes in a women's variant with the Fx S 4 speeding in at the top of the range. The frame is constructed from super-stiff, and durable Alpha aluminium while the fork is a rigid FX carbon build, minimising flex.

Also from Trek, the DS 'Dual Sport' is a popular model which really packs a punch, with components suited to all terrains from the trail to smooth asphalt. The aluminium frame ensures durability but also keeps the overall weight low, and mounting points across the build allow for bikepacking and pannier compatibility. The forks also provide impressive suspension, allowing for up to 63mm of travel. In other words, feel free to rag this machine over kerbs and tree branches at will.

S is for speed, and Specialized

Specialized also fly into the hybrid market with some impressive machines worth boasting about. Their Sirrus model - available with alloy and carbon frames, at entry level and top-end price points, and also in a men's and women's variant - is a true hybrid bike, one designed for commuting and ambling over a wide range of terrain.

Taking a lot of the key features from their sturdy classics frame, the Roubaix, Specialized have engineered a hybrid bike that can handle some of the toughest terrains - cobbles, check; woodland trail, check; gravel track, check…

The top-end model, the Pro Carbon, is constructed from FACT 9r carbon fibre, an extremely responsive material that is also incredibly lightweight. Not only will this help you climb the toughest hills, it will also be a dream to lift up the stairs after your morning commute. The Sirrus is also available with a durable alloy frame that will be able to handle the daily rough and tumble of city life or off-road adventures.

A touch of class

It would be difficult to discuss hybrid machines without a mention of the vintage, sit-up commuter bike - a true fashion icon in the cycling world. Pashley and Raleigh, two historic, British brands have the most drop-dead gorgeous machines. But, looking beyond the aesthetics, the Raleigh Centros and Pashley Aurora and Briton also come complete with some serious, ergonomic kit.

Pashley adorn their models with an aged Brooks leather saddle - the hallmark of comfort and class - while Raleigh focus on functionality, adding powerful hydraulic disc brakes which are ready to deal with the stop-start traffic of the inner city.

If comfort, functionality and aesthetics are everything you look for in a bike, it may just be time to invest in a hybrid two-wheeled machine - a sight that will brighten and speed up any morning commute.

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