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Dawes REGAL METALLIC BLUE 2020 Model from THEBIKEFACTORY.CO.UK a bike shop with over 100 years customer service and satisfaction.

Introducing from Dawes Cycles UK the Regal Hybrid Bike! The Regal is comfortable ladies' bikes that is perfect for everyday town and city cycling. It is built upon a 6061-alloy frame that features a low-step profile – this makes hopping on and off a breeze and provide an upright riding style offering great visibility on the road ahead and it saves you against the aches and pains! A bicycle that is built to be ridden at your own leisurely pace. The Regal rides upon an alloy 700C wheelset, thinner profiled wheels providing less drag - so its suited to those who tend to keep to smoother surfaces rather than gallivanting about across muddy fields. A brilliant bike for commuting, popping to shops and to just to hop-on to get some fresh air! The Regal is equipped with front and rear mudguards to divert the spray and feature a clean and easy to use 3-speed transmission. The three speed Sturmey archer is a rear hub internal gearset that exposes less greasy components for a cleaner riding experience – with no front or rear derailleur there is no risk of the chain slipping off! An easy to maintain bike!

At a glance…

  • Built upon a 6061 alloy frame, the low-step profile provide an upright comfortable riding position and offers ease of hopping on and off.

  • Rides upon a 700c alloy wheelset, a thinner profile wheelset provide less drag on smoother surface which makes this bike ideal for those who keep stick to tarmac and loose gravel surfaces, rather than riding off road.

  • Equipped with a comfortable and well-padded saddle for all-day/every-day cycling.

  • Supplied with front and rear mudguards that help to divert the road spray away from your persons.

  • Features a 3-speed Sturmey Archer, an internal rear hub gearing system that is cleaner to use, fewer oily components for a cleaner riding experience. Perfect for new riders who don't want a load of gearing ratios – those who feel comfortable with just sticking to one or two gears to get from A to B.
    The 2020 model from THEBIKEFACTORY.CO.UK