DT Swiss Aero Speed silver spokes 15 / 19 g = 1.8 / 1 mm box 72 278 mm

DT Swiss Aero Speed silver spokes 15 / 19 g = 1.8 / 1 mm box 72 278 mm

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The company we now know as DT Swiss has been drawing steel in Biel for over 350 years and their spokes are still made completely in house in Switzerland to the highest possible standards of quality and workmanshipOur most aerodynamic aftermarket spoke, ideal for track and TT wheels where aerodynamics and stiffness are keyThe aero section spoke is 1.8 mm thick at the ends, flattening out to a 1.2 x 2.3 mm bladed section in the middle to improve aerodynamicsHubs can be laced as normal, so no slotting of the spoke holes is required which can weaken a hub flangeMade exclusively from Swedish X5 stainless steel that is custom blended just for DTThe rolling of the nipple thread removes no metal from the spoke and preserves the grain of the material, maximising strength and greatly reducing the likelihood of failure at the threads, a common issue with lower quality spokesWeight: 355 grams for 64 x 264 mm length spokes, 1.8 mm thread