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Look: FEEL THE NEW X-PERIENCELOOK constant desire to innovate and improve your product experience has resulted in a design that is dependable, durable and easy to use. Our new mountain-bike pedal was constructed around a heavy-duty mechanism, is resistant to the negative effects of coming into contact with various external factors (rocks, roots, mud…), and provides consistent and reliable performance over time. Its spindle, equipped with a double weather-resistant seal, has been improved to withstand even the worst conditions you may encounter during your rides. We have remained devoted to the principles that guide us daily. Fewer hassles mean more time to ride, and therefore, more fun.TECHNOLOGYTHE BEST POWER TO WEIGHT RATIOAll the energy you produce is transferred to your MTB through your pedals. Their role, is therefore, crucial.LOOK’s objective in this new undertaking was to find solutions that would enable the most efficient transfer of rider power possible. That is why LOOK has chosen to place the weight/contact surface ratio as the primary factor when defining the product.Generally speaking, the greater the contact surface, the more efficiently energy is transferred. On the other hand, the greater the contact surface, the more the pedal will weigh.The challenge faced by our engineers was therefore, to identify the zones that are useful for energy transmission and then optimize the pedal design in order to limit any that are unused. This task allowed LOOK to engineer a pedal with the best weight / contact surface ratio on the market.LATERAL CONTACT SUPPORTLateral contact support guides your foot in finding your pedal and provides you a point of contact even if you have not yet engaged the cleat. This wide contact area prevents your foot from sliding on the pedal body and offers consistent and reassuring support.MECHANISM GEOMETRYThe mechanism works regardless of external conditions (in the mud, forces are significantly different from those encountered when dry), more space allows for the shedding of various foreign matter (mud, sand…). These zones give the user a constant and stable feeling of being securely clipped in, in all conditions.ADJUSTABLE TENSIONAn adjustable tension screw allows you to fine-tune the entry/release resistance to your personal skill level.FEATURESUSE: XC Competition and LeisureTENSION: 6 to 14BODY: AluminiumSPINDLE: Chromoly +FLOAT: 6°PLATFORM MATERIAL: ChromolyPLATFORM AREA: 350 mm²PLATFORM WIDTH: 57 mmSTACK HEIGHT + CLEATS: 16,8 mm (10,7 + 6,1 mm)WEIGHT PEDAL: 195 gWEIGHT PAIR + CLEATS: 494 gGUARANTY: 2 years



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