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100% Speedcoupe Replacement Lens - Grey PEAKPOLAR

100% Speedcoupe Replacement Lens - Grey PEAKPOLAR

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100% proprietary PEAKPOLAR lens technology with no compromise, imagine a lens that provides optimum polarisation but which allows you to see everything that's in front of you. Screens, phones, tablets & GPSThrough rigorous testing, we have formulated the PEAKPOLAR lens that offers the comfort of eliminating glare without sacrificing everyday usability, you no longer have to choose between a polarized lens and your visibilityPolycarbonate lenses are shatterproof, scratch and impact resistant with a HYDROILO oil-and water-repelling coating that keeps lenses clearer longer and protects the mirror coatingsComplete 100% ultraviolet filtration to keep your eyes healthy and advanced blue light filtration for reduced visual fatigueOptically flawless lenses provide unmatched clarity and colour enhancement with zero distortionDesigned in California, crafted in France



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