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Effetto Mariposa Effetto - Flowerpower Wax 100ml Chain Lube





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Introducing the Effetto Mariposa's Flowerpower Wax 100ml Chain Lube, a top-tier performance, environmentally-friendly wax-based lubricant for your bicycle chain. Its standout quality is its natural composition, incorporating a rich amount of sunflower seed wax, making it an efficient and eco-conscious choice for every cyclist.

This advanced lube employs a formula that is entirely void of any detrimental fluorinated compounds (PFAS), graphene, or sulphides. It's the perfect blend of technology and nature for superb efficiency.

Your cycling experience is significantly enhanced after treating your chain with Flowerpower lube. You'll enjoy a quiet, efficient ride and improved power transfer. Unlike oil-based lubes that attract dirt, this lube extends your chain's lifespan by effectively keeping it clean for longer.

What sets Flowerpower apart is its water-based wax emulsion, eschewing the need for alcohol. The wax-to-water ratio exceeds 50%, ensuring that the wax firmly anchors to the chain metal as the water base evaporates. This leaves a powerful and long-lasting wax coating that stands up to even the most challenging pedalling stresses and weather conditions.

A clean chain requires around 4ml of Flowerpower lube, which would last approximately 300km under dry road conditions. This means each Flowerpower 100ml bottle provides an impressive mileage of up to 7,500km. However, for off-road use or heavy rainfall conditions, you might need to apply more frequently to ensure maximum performance.

The Effetto Mariposa's Flowerpower Wax 100ml Chain Lube is not just a product; it's a commitment to efficiency, performance, and environmental sustainability.

Colours White
Sizes 100ML
Brand Effetto Mariposa
Model Year 2021
Barcodes 7640164681580
SKUs / Part Numbers E-EMCHFPW100

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