Free Delivery On All Bikes Over £500 [UK Mainland Only]

Designed with you in mind
We’ve taken years of experience designing electric bikes combined with insightful feedback from our customers to create the Centros. Packed with in built features and providing various options to tailor the bike to your needs, the Centros focuses on what you’ve told us is important to you.
With our limited time offer we’re giving you the excuse to ride into Spring in style. So get ready for a new electric adventure this year...

The Centros as a commuter

If you’re choosing to commute to work on a bike, then you only want the best. We've put together why the Centros could work for you.

Save money on your commute

Could using an electric bike help do your bit for the planet, save you money and keep you healthy?

Technical Specifications

The Motus range uses the latest technology from Bosch, the market leader in electric bike components, to provide you with a premium electric bike experience.

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