ROVAL 321 Disc - Disc Brake rear wheel

ROVAL 321 Disc - Disc Brake rear wheel

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Roval 321 Disc - Disc Brake rear wheel
Making up about 50% of your total race time the bike portion of a triathlon is where equipment choices can make the difference between first and fifth and no other equipment choice will save you more time than a disc wheel. While traditionally-shaped disc wheels are faster than their spoked counterparts the Roval 321 Disc for disc brakes turns conventional design on its head creating the fastest wheel on the planet.

Disc wheels often fall into two categories�a completely flat shape with structure coming from carbon fiber and a honeycomb-foam filling or a spoked wheel that's been faired with a carbon fiber cover. In our quest to break traditions the 321 uses a single layer of 1k carbon fiber on each side of the wheel and it all comes together at the brake track bridge. This kind of carbon fiber is rarely used in bicycle components due to its high manufacturing cost but it offers a bevy of performance benefits. This coveted carbon is much lighter than other layups like 3k and 12k and it can only be laid by the most skilled of carbon fiber craftsmen. It's complicated but the payout is worth it as it delivers a supple ride and one of the lightest disc wheels available. And in the real world this means that it'll spin-up quickly and reduce fatigue over the length of the course.
Weight: 1015g



Carbon/Gloss Bl


700c clincher,



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