TIME Atac XS Pedals

TIME Atac XS Pedals

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Time Atac XS Pedals
New model ATAC MTB pedals really work in any conditions. SET tuner system for the springs allows adjustable 'feel'. New XS arch allows the foot to remain centred on the pedal. The low spring tension allows for easy entry and release only when you need it. Self cleaning springs mean no clogging in any environment..5 degrees of knee protecting float.
Composite body Steel axle
Aluminum spring axle
Stability � New ATAC XS arch design keeps your foot centred on the new wider pedal platform for improved foot stability.
Self Cleaning � Mud and dirt cannot stick to the simple "open arch" engagement mechanism which is wiped clean by the cleat as you step into your ATAC XS. The new body design improves self-cleaning of the engagement mechanism.
Dependable � Low spring tension of the patented ATAC design causes less friction in extreme conditions providing consistent entry and release. When other pedals pre-release or jam with ATAC XS you get quick and easy release when and only when you want.
Easy Entry � New ATAC XS body profile and new arch design provide even faster step-in. New larger cleat engagement window allows you to concentrate on riding with no need to focus on aligning your foot with the pedal. You can step into an ATAC XS pedal faster than into any other.
Bio-performance � Angular float + - 5 degrees Lateral float 5mm
Weight - 334g








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