Which e-MTB rider are you?

Which e-MTB rider are you?

Which e-MTB rider are you?

Specialized have recently released the Turbo Levo SL range for 2020 and the good news is, we have it in stock here at The Bike Factory. The latest in the relatively new world of power assisted mountain bikes, Specialized promise fans that the Turbo Levo SL “changes everything”. E-MTBs are here to stay and will take you further than you previously thought possible. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Turbo Levo range and show you the other e-MTBs we have in store.

To narrow down the options, it’s time to work out: which e-MTB rider are you?

The one that “changes everything”

So, here it is, new for 2020 the Specialized Turbo Levo SL range. Coming in four models, Specialized design each bike from the ground up but keep the impressive SL 1.1 motor consistent throughout. A ridiculous 1000wh of battery capacity extends your ride beyond anything you could have previously imagined which means you can stay out on the bike all day and get as much out of the trails as possible.

The bike weighs just 17.3 kilograms, which is feather-light for an e-bike, and with the power of the SL 1.1 motor, a rider can climb quicker than ever before and get more airtime in the process. The bike also handles brilliantly as it has been modelled on the popular Stumpjumper range. 150 millimetres of front and rear suspension means it feels like one too and even when the motor is disengaged, there is no drag like other e-mountain bikes, so it performs just like a standard Stumpjumper. Finally, you can fine tune the bike to your own riding style via Specialized’s proprietary Mission Control app. They really have thought of everything.

Hi, it’s Haibike

We recently began stocking bikes from German e-performance specialists Haibike and you can see a detailed preview of their range in our say Hi to Haibike blog post. But how are they different to the new Turbo Levo SL range? The 2020 Haibike range includes the new Flyon system, which they say delivers 50% more torque, up to 200% more assistance and a range increase of 25%. More power, more energy and more time in the saddle.

The motor is designed by satellite builder TQ and provides all the energy you’ll need to have plenty of fun on the trails. The Flyon battery is particularly impressive with its capacity of 630wh, meaning you can shred all day without trimming you speed.

Haibike have also thought about the little things when it comes to being out on the trails. You can adjust their cockpit display on the fly thanks to a remote fitted on the bars, so you can still get reliable data without losing concentration on a tricky section. A built-in frame box means you can take your pumps and tools with you – out of sight, out of mind…hopefully! – and an integrated front light that pumps out a whopping 5,000 lumens prevents you from getting caught out when the sun drops.

Other e-MTBs

We also stock e-mountain bikes from Trek and Lapierre at the Bike Factory. These full suspension models also glide along the trails thanks to full electric integration. Where motors are concerned, Trek have sided with Bosch to keep things as light and performance oriented as possible. Lapierre also have a super light integrated motor thanks to Fazua. So, both brands have made bikes that ride naturally and can perform to the highest level on tricky descents and technical trails. And with motors onboard, you don’t have to bust a lung when climbing and you can save enough energy to get the most out of the bike and yourself on the other side of the hill.

Here at the Bike Factory we have a wide range of e-bikes for riders of all shapes, sizes and riding styles, all with one thing in common: riders who want to get a little bit more out of their rides. Pop in store to speak to a member of our awesome team, see all the options in person and start your e-MTB journey today.

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