Turbo charge your ride with Trek

Turbo charge your ride with Trek

Turbo charge your ride with Trek

Never shy away from a scary climb or technical descent again with Trek's range of super speedy e-MTBs. With mighty battery-powered motors, confident handling and bump-eating suspension systems, you'll be ragging these bikes over all sorts of off-road terrain in no time at all…

Trail-blazing with a turbo boost

It doesn't get a lot better than speeding along the local trails at top-speed, flying around each and every corner as you duck, dive and weave around on the bike. With every great activity, however, comes a downside and for trail riding, this is undoubtedly the task of lugging your bike all the way back to the top of the run.

This is where e-MTBs come in, giving you that much needed boost to fly back up the run and making the uphill almost as much fun as the downhill.

What makes Trek's e-MTBs so great, compared to their competitors, are their innovative designs, added ergonomic features and powerful, long-lasting motors. They're carving a new niche in the e-MTB market with their new Powerfly - an e-bike that screams off-road adventure.

The bike comes in a number of different variants, as well as an optimised men's and women's model. Here's the lowdown on all the tech and geeky features on Trek's mud-hungry e-MTB…

Flying with the Powerfly

The new 2019 Powerfly LT has revolutionised the e-MTB market, storing its juice-filled battery in the downtube via a side-entry point, rather than from underneath. Not only does this stop the opening from clogging up with mud and grime, but it also makes for much easier access should the battery need charging. The battery also has a carry handle built in, making it even easier to take it out and get it ready for another action-packed day of ragging the local trails.

As well as an all-new battery storage system, the Powerfly also comes equipped with a powerful Bosch PowerTube 500 Wh motor. The motor can churn out top speeds over long distances, meaning no mountain is too high or too long for the Trek Powerfly.

Frame materials differ across Powerfly models with the top of the range LT 9.9 boasting the stiffest and lightest carbon that Trek have ever put on an e-MTB. Not only does the carbon reduce the weight of the machine, it also dampens the noise and vibrations from the electric motor, making for one hell of a smooth ride. The other variants might not make use of carbon but they make no compromises, utilising a super-strong and durable aluminium that's more than ready to take a few knocks and tumbles.

The LT is optimised for fast, technical trail riding, but for those who have a more leisurely off-road adventure in mind, then the Powerfly FS is the perfect machine. These have a more XC-orientated geometry, bump-eating front and rear suspension and a durable aluminium frame making them the ideal choice for long days adventuring through backwoods.

For those working to a budget, the Powerfly also comes in a selection of entry-level models - the 5 and 7. These are the hardtail variants of the Powerfly and are a great introductory bike for those riders looking to get into e-mountain biking.

We're not the only ones to fall for Trek's new Powerfly range; mbr, one of the biggest MTB magazines, love it too:

"Suspension, brakes and tyres are all on point. New battery layout is neat and easy to use…the new Trek Powerfly LT9 is an absolute riot."

Whatever your thoughts are on e-MTBs, there's no denying that they're a whole lot of fun to ride. If you think battery-powered trail-blazing might be your cup of tea, then why not head down to our store and try a Trek Powerfly for yourself? We're confident you'll fall for it instantly.

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