The one and only Raleigh bicycles

The one and only Raleigh bicycles

The one and only Raleigh bicycles

Here at the Bike Factory one of our leading brands is the iconic Raleigh Bicycles. Their 135-year history makes them one of the oldest and most famous bike companies in the world. In today’s blog we take a closer look at one of Britain’s greatest ever companies and the Raleigh bikes we stock.


It all started way back in 1885 when Sherwood Forest native, Richard Woodhead, and Frenchman, Paul Angois, opened a small workshop in Nottingham. In time, they came to build their first bicycle and, with the invaluable contribution of Sir Frank Bowden, set out on the path to becoming the trend setters that we know today. The company really took off after World War Two when they became known for build quality, lightweight components and Sturmey-Archer transmission in both Europe and America.

The bike industry took a hit from the popularisation of cars in the 20th century but Raleigh managed to keep their heads above water joining forces with Brooks, Sturmey-Archer and Reynolds. Then came the bike they are arguably best known for, the Raleigh Chopper. The bike was the must-have item for many children as it was the biggest sign of “coolness” there was (still is). That led to decades of success and notoriety, followed by a steady period of fluctuation before getting to where the company is today: a famous and reliable bike company.

In professional cycling, they are best known for their involvement in the iconic TI-Raleigh team, a squad that steered Joop Zoetemelk to the 1980 Tour de France title. The bike brand also supported a couple of British teams at around the same time, including the brilliantly-named Raleigh-Banana, and returned to the pro peloton in 2010 with Team Raleigh-GAC, going on to become one of the country’s most recognisable and well-loved pro continental teams.

Gravel bikes

Raleigh have an illustrious history of great road bikes, but they’re never ones to miss a trend so have released their own line of gravel bikes. The Mustang is designed for the real world, a multi-purpose machine which is as competent on gravel as it is on asphalt. For more reasons to get into gravel, click here.

Mountain bikes

The Strada is also designed to do it all. For the weekday grind and weekend fun, in the Strada, Raleigh have a bike that can be used as a keep-fit commuter from Monday to Friday, and then turned into a trail-shredder in time for the weekend.

Urban bikes

Raleigh have combined modern components with retro style to produce some of the most comfortable and functional urban bikes you could hope for. Practicality and comfort come before all else on the Sherwood and Pioneer lines, thanks to their baskets, mudguards and rear racks to suit your everyday needs. And their folding bike, the Stowaway, makes for a great commuter or city explorer bike.

Hybrid bikes

Hybrid bikes should be versatile, comfortable and a joy to ride. With the Strada hybrid range, Raleigh tick these key boxes and then some. A comfortable position and the ability to go on- and off-road make the Strada a perfect fitness hybrid that can be used for everything from a quick pop to the shops to a weekend ride with the family.

Electric bikes

Raleigh have always been keen to innovate, so naturally they’ve got themselves into the e-bike game as well. The company have brought out some of the most practical and affordable power-assisted bikes on the market, all aimed at leisure and commuter cyclists. The bikes are at the height of reliability thanks to a partnership with Bosch, and are fantastic for riders who need some extra power and a reason to get on the bike. They even have a folding model which takes commuting to whole other level.

Kid’s bikes

Raleigh, without a doubt, have some of the best-looking kid’s bikes on the market. Of course, arguably their most famous bike, the Raleigh Chopper, was indeed aimed at kids. They have revived some of that ’80s nostalgia with the amazing looking Super Tuff Burner which is great to see. Raleigh bikes can really make a childhood too with models from balance bikes for toddlers, all the way up to bigger bikes for teenagers. We particularly love the Pop and its amazing array of designs.

That’s almost everything you need to know about Raleigh and the model’s stock here at the Bike Factory. Come to our store to see the bikes for yourself and find out more about one of the world’s most iconic bike brands.

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