The top picks from our winter Ebike sale

The top picks from our winter Ebike sale

The top picks from our winter Ebike sale

The first few weeks of the new year are rarely blessed with merriment and cheer. Christmas is over, work has restarted and the weather remains gloomy at best. However, we've got just the trick to turn that frown upside down - a long list of turbo-powered bargains!

Here are the top picks from our winter e-bike sale…

The perfect commuter

With a large battery and zippy motor, e-bikes are some of the best modes of transport for zooming around the city. If you want to fly past stationary traffic but still arrive at your destination sweat-free and breathing easy, then an e-bike is ideal.

Our selection of Raleigh Captus e-bikes are some of the best commuting machines out there, complete with comfortable, upright geometry, built-in bag racks and super long battery lives. The Lapierre Overvolt fills a similar commuting niche to the Raleigh but boasts all the extra accessories - built-in front light, mudguards and kickstand - to take your e-bike to the next level.

Trail-blazing with a boost

Not all e-bikes are destined for a life ferrying you to and from work, some are specifically designed to fly up muddy banks and barrel down death-defying descents. Cross-country mountain bike riding is made all the more easy with an e-bike; never again will a 20% gradient get in the way of you and the rest of the trail.

Diamondback's Ranger screams adventure and looks more than ready for a life spent ragging the off-road trails thanks to its sublime front and rear suspension, grippy disc brakes and powerful Shimano XT STEPS E8000 centre mount motor.

In the world of electric mountain bikes, Haibike are one of the biggest names, their XDURO and SDURO models some of the most popular among mud-hungry mountain bikers looking for that extra oomph. Their Bosch and Yamaha drive systems are some of the most powerful on the market, perfect for zipping up super-steep climbs and muddy banks.

Adventure for longer

Sustaining a high speed across difficult terrain isn't the only benefit of riding an e-bike - one of the biggest draws is that they allow you to keep on pedalling for a whole lot longer. With battery-powered assistance, your rides are able to go that extra mile, helping you discover the roads less travelled.

Hybrid e-bikes are some of the best for long road tours, especially Trek's Dual Sport and Conduit e-bikes. An upright, comfortable geometry allows riders to spend a lot longer in the saddle and the wide range of gears, added to a powerful motor, means that these bikes can conquer just about any hill that the terrain can throw at them.

Raleigh's Strada is another e-bike optimised for long-distance adventures. With dropped seatstays and a slick front-end, this is one e-bike that can cut efficiently through the air on even the windiest of days.

What next?

As battery-powered bikes become more and more popular, we're seeing many more e-bike exclusive events popping up around the country. There's never been a better time to jump right into a new and exciting community than now - we're pretty certain that 2019 is going to be the year of the e-bike.

If you're a racer at heart and eager to push your new e-bike to its limits, then why not sign up for an e-bike racing event? Golazo cycling explain the rules behind the new trend of e-bike racing and the best places to find an event.

For something a little more casual, be sure to browse MoreDirt's and e-ENDURO's e-bike events pages. They list everything from demo days and leisurely sportives to fast-paced enduro races.

Make sure you view the rest of our e-bikes in the sale here - we've got a bike for just about every kind of rider. If you're eager to find out what the e-bike craze is all about, why not head down to our store and see for yourself. We'll be more than happy to guide you in the ways of the e-bike.

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