The new Lapierre eZesty

The new Lapierre eZesty

The new Lapierre eZesty

The New Lapierre e-Zesty

E-bikes are hot right now and they're opening up the world of cycling to a bunch of new people. But they're also giving experienced riders a whole new perspective on their riding - when the likes of 10-time Downhill MTB World Champion Nicolas Vouilloz describes e-MTB as 'a revolution', people sit up and take note.

French brand Lapierre have been at the forefront of the MTB game for years, so it's no surprise that they're leading the e-MTB charge. With the incredible new e-Zesty they've created a versatile bike with the responsiveness of an all-mountain machine, but with that little extra power that can make the difference between a good ride and a great one.

Ride more, play more, enjoy more

The full-suspension Lapierre e-Zesty is set to redefine our e-MTB expectations. Designed around a versatile all-mountain frame, the shorter wheelbase compared to other e-MTBs provides an ultra-responsive ride. The weight distribution has been optimised giving the bike a super-agile feel, allowing you to manoeuvre the bike around terrain and along trails with precision. The nimble handling puts it way ahead of other e-MTBs out there, enabling line choices that would require serious effort otherwise.

It's a looker too - the internally-routed cables, sleek silhouette and striking colour scheme put the e-Zesty a long way from the clumpy look sometimes found in e-MTBs. It's true muscle however lies in the FAZUA Evation 1.0 Drive Pack motor and a 250 Wh battery, offering support up to a handy 400 watts. The motor kicks in only when you pedal and decouples smooth as butter once you reach the 25km/h threshold - no clunky motor disengage here.

There are three levels of support, all selected by the couldn't-be-easier handlebar-mounted remote. BreezeMode offers an output up to 125W, RiverMode 250W and the suitably-monikered RocketMode a leg-soothing 400W. A nice touch is the way the motor carries on pushing a moment or two after you stop pedalling - it's natural to stop pushing as you approach an obstacle so the wee extra burst from the motor gives you that little you didn't even know you needed.

The e-Zesty 9.0 Ultimate comes with the latest Fox Float DPS Factory rear shock and Fox Float 36 Factory forks, SRAM Guide RE e-bike specific brakes, a dropper seatpost and SRAM's GX Eagle drivetrain. The e-Zesty LTD Ultimate 2019 offers an even lighter build with a full carbon wheel set, carbon bars, full Carbon SRAM X01 and Fox's full Factory series kashima-coated forks and rear shock

Two bikes for the price of one

The game-changer that Lapierre have brought to the table with the e-Zesty is the ability to completely remove the battery and motor, transforming it from a super-capable e-MTB to a highly accomplished enduro whip. You don't even need tools for the job - the entire drive unit simply unclips and is replaced by an empty shell, which as a bonus gives you a handy storage space for your gummy bears. Removing the drive unit brings the weight down by almost 3kg, leaving you with a trail-ready machine.

Lapierre have really nailed it with this one. We're the first to admit that an e-MTB is a significant investment, even more so if it's an additional bike for your stable. With the e-Zesty, Lapierre have delivered the best of both worlds in one package, giving you even more riding options than you could hope for with a standard e-MTB. E-Mountain Bike magazine were seriously impressed, calling it the 'sexiest e-MTB alive' and saying that with the e-Zesty, Lapierre '"has created a ground-breaking bike, ushering in a new category of lightweight e-MTBs'MTBs".

Infused with over 70 years of Lapierre's experience in designing cutting edge bikes, the e-Zesty is likely to be the bike that changes the game. You've gotta got to come on down and check it out - once you've plugged into the e-MTB buzz you'll be hooked.

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