The Cyclo Cross season is on the way, and we're involved

The Cyclo Cross season is on the way, and we're involved

The Cyclo Cross season is on the way, and we're involved

We are pleased announce the launch of the Bike Factory (Chester) North Wales Cyclocross League Season 2016/17. We have another varied and interesting season of races across North Wales and we look forward to working with our new race sponsors, the Bike Factory. We will be releasing more information about our events and the committee, that has taken over the running of the league from its founder Barry Davies.

In order to speed up registration, if you are intending to race this season please submit your registration details as requested below. Riders will be able to register on the day but it would help greatly if this can be done in advance and then we can concentrate on organising the races.

You will be issued with your race number at the first race you attend. This is your race number for the season; replacement numbers will be charged at £1.





Date of birth:

Emergency contact name:

Emergency contact no.:

Send to:


By entering a race, you will be signing up to the NWCXG rules and regulation and the following race disclaimer:

I agree to abide by NWCXG Rules and Regulations and agree that I participate entirely at my own risk. I must rely on my own ability in dealing with hazards and ride in a manner which is safe for myself and others. I agree that no liability whatsoever shall be attached to the promoter, promoting club, sponsor, NWCXG or its officials, or officials and members of the promoting club, in respect of any injury, loss, or damage suffered by me or by reason of taking part in this event, howsoever caused. I am not subject to any suspension imposed on me by any other Cycling Organisation which I have not declared to NWCXG.

I confirm and acknowledge that my attention has been drawn to these conditions, that I have read and understand the said conditions, and that I accept them as a fair contract.

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