The all-new Trek Powerfly takes the spotlight

The all-new Trek Powerfly takes the spotlight

The all-new Trek Powerfly takes the spotlight

The Trek Powerfly has become a true classic in the eMTB market over the past few years, thanks to its iconic core design and a wide range of classy and performance-orientated e-bikes. For 2019, the Powerfly has been hit with another update, this time beefing up the forks, battery life and wheelset to produce an unbeatable, dirt-munching electric-assisted machine.

The 2019 Powerfly LT

As many competitors in the e-bike market look to the downtube to store their batteries, Trek have opted for a side entry access point, which proves a much more convenient solution with easier access and a reduced build-up of mud and trail-muck. Trek have also stuck a cover onto the battery itself - a no-fuss alternative to the standard separate cover plates. There's also a handy new carry handle built into the battery itself - Trek pulling out all the stops to make it all the more convenient for the rider.

The new Powerfly also comes adorned with some elite tech and components, including a Fox 36 Float fork which promises super stiffness and strength to deal with the hefty forces that this bike will be dealing with. Twin pot Shimano XT brakes are also added, allowing for greater stopping power and a faster response time - very handy for when you need to throw the anchor overboard.

The Powerfly LT has always been at the top of Trek's e-bike range, boasting the highest-quality performance on the trail. 2019 sees a new LT 9.9 and LT 9.7 variant - the 9.9 featuring top of the range carbon to not only reduce weight, but also dampen the noise from the electric motor. The 9.7 steps down a price point but makes little compromise in performance, complete with RS Yari forks and shock, Shimano MT520 Brakes and a SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain.

The wider range

It hasn't only been Trek's top-end LT models that have seen an update for 2019; the FS, 4, 5 and 7 models also feature the new, no-fuss and super convenient battery storage system.

The FS range is aimed at the slightly less burly rider - one more interested in the longer days of adventuring and exploring than ragging the biggest of downhill trails. With shorter travel (130mm) the Powerfly FS e-bikes would more than do justice to this motivation, adding high-quality RS suspension to make long days in the saddle all the more comfortable.

Durable aluminium frames across the FS range are perfect for long adventure rides, soaking up the rugged terrain with no fear of cracks or breakage.

The Powerfly 4, 5 and 7 options are speedy, robust hardtail mountain bikes and offer wide-ranging components and tech at a variety of different price points. From the entry-level 4 to the elite 7, the Powerfly range has an option to fit anyone's budget.

Trek's WSD variants of the Powerfly have also been updated for 2019 - the new women's models feature all the same revolutionary tech but with steeper top tubes, women's-specific saddles and smaller size options.

Trek's Powerfly range caters for all and does a fantastic job while it's at it, many attesting to the supreme ride quality and eMTB experience the Powerfly offers. Singletrack summarise the fundamentals of a power-assisted, two-wheeled machine:

"Whatever your thoughts on eMTBs, there's no arguing that they are not a lot of fun."

We certainly aren't going to either, and neither should you, this is one cycle revolution that looks like it's here to stay. If gliding the local trails without needing to break a sweat sounds like your kind of riding, then Trek's Powerfly range may just be tailor-made for you.

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