Speed up your commute with Haibike

Speed up your commute with Haibike

Speed up your commute with Haibike

Commuting to work by bike is one of the most freeing, enjoyable and healthy things you can do in this day and age - well, during summer that is. Once the winter descends and the days get ever gloomier, many of us just want to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

That's where Haibike come in. The e-bike extraordinary produce some of the best turbo-powered commuters on the market, ideal for ferrying you across town in a flash. Here are some of our picks from their wide commuting range.

The royal commuter

Haibike's SDURO King is their ultimate commuting machine, combining its turbo-powered Bosch CX motor with a long list of ergonomic components built for life on the city streets. Each model comes equipped with a long-lasting 500Wh battery that has enough juice for a whole day of running errands around town.

This battery links up with a handy graphic display on the handlebars, allowing the rider to peruse all the metrics like speed and distance, as well as easily ramp up or tone down the power assist. The addition of disc brakes and a suspension fork on each SDURO King model adds a certain versatility, giving the bike the ability to venture off-road should your commute demand it.

Drivetrains vary across the models, ranging from simple 9-speeds to luxurious 20-speed groupsets. Should your commute cross a few hills, the XT 20-speed on the 6.0 SDURO King may just be the perfect choice. However, for those cruising along the flatter city streets, then the Alivio 9-speed drivetrain on the 3.0 SDURO King ought to be more than sufficient.

What makes the SDURO King the ultimate commuter, however, are the well-chosen features that complete the build. SKS Mudguards feature across the range, as does a rear rack for mounting panniers and cycle bags. Each bike also comes equipped with an integrated light set that can be controlled using the display on the handlebars. Finally, to complete this epic commuter build, a kickstand is fitted to each model, making it the ideal machine to hop on and off of when running errands around town.

The SDURO King is available in multiple models, from the top-end 9.0W that boasts the best finishing kit to the affordable 3.0 model with more budget oriented, but equally as reliable, components. There's also a 7.0 and 6.0 model that lie somewhere between the two ends, offering up a vast choice for all kinds of budget. Each model also comes in a women's variant with a lower cross bar and contact points tailored for female riders.

Taking to the roads less travelled

What makes Haibike's e-commuters stand out from the rest, is their capabilities off-road. With impressive front-suspension, powerful disc brakes and fat, trail-ready tyres, the SDURO King is just as capable off the beaten track as it is on the urban streets. Of the SDURO King range, the 6.0 is the most suited to trekking and light trail riding - largely thanks to its wider range of gears. It's also blessed with super comfortable geometry, perfect for long adventures in the saddle, trekking across unknown terrain.

If you really want to get into trekking, but still yearn for the turbo power of an e-bike, then Haibike's XDURO Adventr bikes are the perfect choice. Available in a 6.0 and 5.0 model, the XDURO Adventr is a carbon e-bike with powerful Flyon components - including a Flyon motor, battery and front display. Like the SDURO King, the bike also comes equipped with disc brakes, impressive front suspension, winter-ready mudguards and an integrated light set.

While it is more suited to trekking and trail exploring, these components also make it a proper urban commuter suited for those riders wanting an e-bike that can ferry them to work midweek, and then rag the trails at the weekend.

Whether you're trekking, commuting or doing a mix of both, then you may just want to speed up your ride with the electric power of Haibike. To test one of these turbo charged beasts out for yourself, why not come down to the store and find out what the e-bike movement is all about.

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