​Six ways to stay motivated through the season

​Six ways to stay motivated through the season

​Six ways to stay motivated through the season

It can be tough to keep motivated throughout a road cycling season - especially when things start kicking off so early in the year. Whether it's a case of riding too many miles and fatigue setting in, or just not finding the time to get out on the bike - there are plenty reasons why your passion for pedalling might get a little dimmed along the way.

Of course, there are also plenty of things you can do to keep that fire burning - from events, to groups to some good old positive thinking.

Buddy up

Nothing will get you out on the bike with regularity and purpose quite like a bit of peer pressure! If you arrange a weekly ride with friends then you have other people besides yourself that you'd be letting down by not going. Riding with friends is also way, way more fun that going solo - so there's really nothing to lose by getting your mates involved.

Enter a sportive or race

Entering a sportive or race is a great way to keep your cycling efforts on track throughout the season. Whether you're focusing entirely on one event towards the end of the summer, or decide to pepper your calendar with different organised rides with a slow build-up in both distance and difficulty - it should keep you focused and keen for the duration of the year. Maybe it's time you finally tackled that century ride? Read our piece on sportive training here.

Freshen it up

One of the biggest demotivating factors for cyclists is boredom. It takes a long time to go for a bike ride and more often than not you'll be hitting the same roads and lanes each time you go out - is it any wonder things start to lose their sparkle after a while? Mix things up as often as possible, have a few adventures in the hunt for new roads to explore and you'll find your motivation soon returns.

Ride with purpose

There's a famous quote attributed to Eddy Merckx, "Ride as much, or as little, or as long or as short as you like, but ride." While we love the sentiment, if you're serious about getting improved results then you need to make each ride as purposeful as possible. Don't just spin for hours doing 'junk miles', do some intervals. Don't be afraid to push yourself!

Go public

If you announce your ride plans to the world at large, you've got no choice but to follow through, right? There's nothing worse than somebody who makes big claims and doesn't carry them out. Also, by shouting it loud and proud you actually implant the seed of that positive idea in your brain.

Take it inside

Another common reason for not feeling like going on a ride is bad weather. We've got plenty of sympathy for that particular point of view, but it doesn't mean you can't keep training. Investing in a turbo trainer will keep you on track, even if you're not technically 'on the road'. Read our piece on training with a turbo for more tips.

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