Get your hands on Italian heritage - Pinarello demo day

Get your hands on Italian heritage - Pinarello demo day

Get your hands on Italian heritage - Pinarello demo day

If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on some exquisite Italian heritage that has made an indelible mark on the history of bike racing, we have good news: the Bike Factory is hosting a Pinarello demo day on the 21st March. It’s an opportunity to try out the various models in the new range and see which might be right for you. You can register for the day here, and in the meantime, let’s take a look at what you have to look forward to.

Pinarello have an e-bike?

Yes! In fact, they have quite a few. The Nytro is their power assisted performance road bike, which Pinarello say gives a rider maximum pleasure going downhill and effective support uphill. To help make this promise a reality, the Nytro has four modes and assistance up to 25km/h provided by the Fazua Evation drive system, with a battery that only weighs 4.7kg. A quick release allows for easy removal when it comes to charging time. This is all seamlessly integrated into the Nytro’s carbon frame to create a comparatively super-light bike, and as we all know, light means fast. The Nytro truly levels the landscape. What’s more, it’s quite possibly the best and most serious looking e-bike you’re ever likely to see.

Grevil Gravel

As well as e-bikes, Pinarello have thrown their hat into another growing cycling discipline: gravel bikes. There are now tons of options when it comes to getting out on the crunchy but the Grevil is truly unique. An aero gravel bike, the Grevil rides like a performance road bike with fatter tyres. Off-road specific geometry makes it a comfortable ride, but it is still much more aero than others on the market. This makes it better suited to racing than adventure riding. A carbon frame, Ultegra drivetrain and thru axle disc brakes cap off the performance qualities of the Grevil and make it a real winner.

Dogma F12

Ah, the trusty Dogma. Back once again for a new decade, Pinarello say the F12 is “even more aero, even more powerful, even more beautiful” than its predecessors. With SRAM eTap AXS 12 and Zipp 303 Firecrest wheels it’s not hard to see why.

The F12 has been designed with disc brakes in mind and this has reduced drag by 7.3%. A striking new detail is the Talon integrated handlebar and stem, which has cut the weight by 10% and decreased drag by 5%. The bike comes with a hefty price tag, but if the Grand Tour dominance of Team Sky/INEOS during the past decade proves anything, it is that the Dogma brings results.

Pinarello’s Prince

The Prince is Pinarello’s mid-range bike and certainly earns its name as the Dogma’s rowdy understudy. Disc brakes are here to stay with the 2020 model and alongside an Ultegra groupset, make the Prince an extremely capable racer.

One Gan fits all

The Gan is Pinarello’s entry level road model and works perfectly as a versatile ‘do it all’ bike. The technology behind the Gan’s carbon frame comes directly from the original Dogma F8, but it has been slicked down and adapted for everyday riders. This is an affordable alternative to their other models, but it retains some Pinarello classics, namely the curved Onda fork and overall smooth ride. The Gan is perfect for weekend riders and keen amateur racers.

There you have it, the Pinarello 2020 range at the Bike Factory, on site very soon. To check out the bikes in person, come in store and have a member of staff help you find the perfect bike. And be sure to book your place on our Pinarello demo day here. Bring yourself, your helmet and ID, and we will see you on the day.

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