Our favourite road bikes for £750 or less

Our favourite road bikes for £750 or less

Our favourite road bikes for £750 or less

Our favourite road bikes for £750 or less

The conception that road cycling is an expensive hobby is a popular one, but we also think it's kinda undeserved. Like any activity, you can sink as little or as much cash as you want into it - and still have an amazing time. In that spirit we decided to pick out a selection of our favourite bikes currently available from the Bike Factory for under £750.

Specialized Allez Sport Satin

The Allez Sport Satin is a lovely bike that delivers high-end performance, without an eye-watering price tag. It's seen as an entry-level bike because of where it sits in Specialized's range, but really this is a brilliantly specced roadie that'll take you wherever you need to go.

The Shimano Sora drivetrain will keep the wheels spinning nicely with efficient power transfer and minimal fuss when switching between gears, while the wheelset is AXIS and the tyres come from Specialized's own line.

Originally retailing at £749, the Satin is currently down to £599. In 52cm Grab one before they're gone!

Trek 1.2 Comp

Another great brand and another great bike. The 1.2 is all about delivering the performance you'd associate with a Tour de France-winning road bike manufacturer, at a price that is still super-accessible.

When had it in for a test they praised its comfort over long-distances, the solid performance and excellent value. They summed it up like this, "the Trek 1.2 is a very able road bike that'll reward your efforts with decent speed, and it's comfortable enough to ride all day long. The fact that it comes with mudguard and rack eyelets increases its versatility, so you can use it as a year-round workhorse if that's what you're after."

And the best part? At £649, you'll still have a hundred quid to spend on accessories too!

Trek Lexa S

Also retailing at £649 is the Trek Lexa S, a women's road bike that is more than capable of tackling anything you can throw at it. In fact we've been told it can even handle a little bit of off-road action when it has to - adding hugely to its versatility and value.

The bike is built with Shimano Sora drivetrain, for quick switching, and the shifters themselves are placed within easy reach, thanks to the female-specific geometry of the bike.

Total Women's Cycling said of it: "Overall this is a really smashing bike. For £650 it really does offer incredible value for money. The women's specific geometry, light aluminium frame, carbon forks and streamlined appearance make this bike feel special to ride. I honestly do not think you can go wrong with this one."

Raleigh Criterium Sport

Classic British brand Raleigh have been around long enough to know how to make a great bike that is both sporty and good value. In fact, we reckon most British cyclists' first ever bike was a Raleigh, so popular have they been for such a long time.

The Criterium Sport continues that tradition by combining some really great features with a very low price point. Shimano Tiagra groupset is a step up from what you'll find on most bikes in this category, while the carbon fork adds a bit of lightweight, high-tech appeal. said, "This is a cracking bike for the money, and one that isn't easily embarrassed by more expensive rivals."

You hears 'em, at £675 the Criterium Sport is also an absolute steal, so get in touch with us about ordering one today!

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