On-bike storage solutions

On-bike storage solutions

On-bike storage solutions

Where do you put your valuables on a long ride? There are many solutions to this age-old question and usually it’s just a case of stuffing your back pockets until they’re fit to burst. Some rides, however, require a more proactive means of storage. Maybe your kit is too bulky or you don’t like reaching back for your phone, gel, rice cake. In today’s blog, we take a look at where and how you can store your things on your bike when you’re out for a long ride.

Frame bags

Your bike might just be the perfect storage solution for all your items. Here at The Bike Factory, we stock plenty of bags purpose-made to fit on different parts of your frame. These types of packs are easy to access while riding as they either attach on your top tube or in the middle of the frame itself. Top tube bags are perfect for on-the-go snacks and/or a phone and keys. This way you have an eye on your most valuable items throughout the day. Frame bags are slightly larger and come into their own on longer days or touring rides as they can take a pump and all your tools.

Trusty saddle pack

The saddle area provides an abundance of storage options in an easy-to-access location – ideal for when you have a lot of stuff to take with you and just can’t stand having over-packed back pockets. These large bags will take a tube, patches, levers and gels/bars very nicely. And, once you’re done with your food, you have your own personal litter bin – no need to get your jersey all manky.

If you’re a minimalist with weight and aerodynamics in mind, your best bet is one of these small performance saddle packs. As well as being light, they are also more compact than the chunkier seat post and saddle-attached bags, so the wind slides past them far more efficiently. These small packs, like the Specialized Stormproof (by name and nature), come in both road and mountain bike models, and are pretty much the exact shape of the trusty inner tube. There’s usually also space for keys, phone and/or a small amount of food in their waterproof cavity. No one wants a soggy flapjack.

Stick it on your seatpost

An upgrade from the seat pack is the chunky seatpost bag. When it comes to touring, these bags are a vital investment. Whether you ride on the road, gravel or on a mountain bike, a seatpost-mounted pack is large enough for a whole variety of valuables. Spare kit, tools and other such items you need on a long tour can be packed away neatly in these bags.

Out front

Are you fed up of wearing a backpack on your commute? One solution to that is a front facing bike bag. Attached to your handlebars, it can be packed full of everything you’ll need for your workday. No more sweaty back. For touring too, these roll up bags and straps can easily take a roll matt or bivvy on the front of the bike.

There you have it, our guide on where to keep all your valuables and kit when you’re out and about on the bike. To see all the gear mentioned in this post, come in to one of our stores and find a member of our friendly staff. They’ll be happy to assist you with all your bike bag needs so you can keep exploring.

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