New years cycling resolutions

New years cycling resolutions

New years cycling resolutions

There's never a better time than New Year to totally refresh your cycling. If you're stuck in a slump, tired of last year's boring training or just looking to get fit again, then switching up your cycling and setting new goals is one of the best things that you can possibly do.

Don't get bogged down in setting one big and unachievable resolution - instead set yourself a number of smaller, more manageable goals that are easy to tick off your to-do list. Whether that's cycling to work one day a week or an extra interval to your indoor training session, these smaller resolutions will help you maintain happiness while increasing your fitness - a win-win situation.

Save the planet

Becoming a little more environmentally friendly is a popular New Year's resolution and certainly one that we can all get involved with. As well as recycling and limiting the amount of waste we produce, we can also start cycling to work - improving both our own health and the health of the surrounding environment in the process.

Simply cycling 10km to and from work every day would save a massive 1500kg of greenhouse gas emissions each year, dramatically reducing your carbon footprint. It's also a lot cheaper too, as fuelling your own body costs a whole lot less than fuelling a car day in, day out.

Before you note down your new commuting resolution for 2019 however, there are a few essentials you'll need to grab to make sure your journey to work is both safe and smooth:

Bags, you'll need a selection to carry all your clobber to work and back. Pannier bags are one of the best choices and can carry anything from spare clothes to laptops. Seat packs and frame bags, while smaller, shouldn't be underestimated. They can carry small but handy toolkits, extra winter kit and emergency snacks. These bags are also great on your weekend rides and can be left on the bike all year round.

It's more than likely that you'll be caught out by the weather at some point so be sure to prepare for the worst and waterproof your entire body - you are cycling in the UK after all. To keep your core warm, make sure it's layered up with a thermal vest, jersey and outer waterproof shell - the perfect commuting combination.

The smaller things are easy to forget but some of the most important while commuting. Make sure your bike is adorned with bright lights, your fingers covered by thick gloves and your feet wrapped up in some waterproof overshoes as road spray can really dampen your day.

Revamp your training

Hopping aboard the commuting bandwagon isn't the only thing we can do to refresh our bodies and minds in 2019, there's also the super-popular indoor training craze to try out.

Over the past few years, indoor cycling has become more and more popular thanks to the arrival of virtual-reality technology. Companies like Zwift have now rolled out an entirely new way to ride your bike and socialise with others, all from the warmth and comfort of your own home.

Whether you're eager to engage in some structured training plans or just play about and race against friends during the winter off-season, then Zwift and indoor training might be the New Year's resolution for you.

The type of turbo trainer you choose is up to you and the kind of riding you plan on doing. Many are Zwift compatible - up to a point - but if you want to get the most out of your training, then a smart turbo trainer is probably the way to go. Simpler turbo trainers and rollers are also available for those just looking to rack up the miles over the winter period.

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