Heighten your ride with Haibike

Heighten your ride with Haibike

Heighten your ride with Haibike

There's nothing worse than getting left behind while riding; whether you're shredding trails, climbing cols or cruising along beachfronts, no-one wants to be left out of the fun.

That's where Haibike come in. With their electric-powered range of bikes optimised for all manners of cycling, you'll never be left playing catch up ever again. Here is a selection of some of the best e-bikes from their wide range…

Crush the commute

E-bikes are perfect for commuting to and from work, giving you that boost to cycle through even the dreariest of Monday mornings. Not only are they fantastic for the environment, they're also super beneficial for your health, both physically and mentally.

Haibike have a selection of specialised commuting machines, designed to get you to work without ever breaking a sweat. Their XDURO Urban is designed to step your inner-city riding up a gear with its unique and ergonomic design. Constructed from Haibike's toughest aluminium material and finished with a collection of durable, high-end components, the XDURO Urban is more than ready for a life spent dashing around city centres.

Their SDURO King models are also ideal commuters thanks to long-lasting batteries, powerful motor outputs and handy urban features - integrated mudguards and rear racks beat back the road spray and provide a place to mount all your work wear.

Turbo trail-blazing

The best thing about off-road riding, whether cross-country cruising or downhill shredding, is flying at death-defying speeds as the wind whips through your hair and the mud splashes your face.

What isn't so great, however, is the climbing. Some hills are just way too steep for even the smallest of gears to clamber up, no matter how hard you try. That's where an e-bike comes in, giving you the boost to crest that horrible hill and reward yourself with the beautiful descent on the other side.

When it comes to off-road e-bikes, Haibike are heads and shoulders above the competition - their XDURO Full 7 the pinnacle of e-MTB performance. The carbon trail-blazer is an absolute monster; with bump-eating suspension, a long-life battery and a super powered motor, this bike can, quite literally, crush just about any kind of terrain you throw at it.

Their SDURO Fullseven is a similar offering, but one that's more tailored to cross-country riding and trekking rather than the all-mountain and enduro riding of the XDURO Full 7 and AllMtn models. This bike is awash with cool features, including a powerful Bosch motor, a protective SkidPlate and a SRAM NX system, a groupset that ensures the smoothest shifting.

The great thing about Haibike is that, as well as the elite e-MTB offerings, they also offer a wide range of affordable and entry-level e-MTBs, giving everybody the chance to get a taste of what riding an e-bike is like, no matter their budget.

Their SDURO HardSeven bikes channel a lot of the same design features and geometries of their elite bikes into an entry-level model that's just a fraction of the price.

Haibike's SDURO Cross model is another budget-friendly option that is suited to both off-road and road riders. It's a true hybrid bike, but one with a much-needed boost to help you get over the tougher stuff. Take it on trails, take it on tarmac, it's the perfect adventure bike.

Are you sold on the idea of electric-powered bikes yet? Haibike clearly offer a wide range but our selection does not stop there - check out the rest of our e-bike range here. If you want to see what all the fuss is about and try one out for yourself, then come down to the shop and have a test ride. We're sure you'll love them.

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