Haibikes new performance EBike

Haibikes new performance EBike

Haibikes new performance EBike

Haibike wowed e-enthusiasts from around the globe when they announced the launch of their 2019 e-MTB range at this year's EuroBike. As the first manufacturer to ever make a Bosch powered e-MTB, Haibike are pretty clued up when it comes to electric-assisted performance, and their new SDURO Fullseven 7.0 is a sparkling reflection of these credentials.

What's new for Haibike in 2019?

As the technological heart of an eBike, the motor often faces the most scrutiny and attention from manufacturers looking to improve their machines. Haibike have slightly re-modelled their older motor and thanks to a new, GravityCasting Interface, they are able to get rid of all the cluttering mounting plates. This interface lies at the centre of the light and highly robust aluminium frame, bringing in complex technologies better known to the motorcycle industry.

The Bosch Performance CX Drive Unit is fully optimised for full-throttle, action-packed riding, delivering a constant maximum torque of up to 75 Nm. Complete with Trail Control, the drive unit offers a dynamic power management system that allows the rider a range of power-assisted choices - increasing the rider's output by anything from 50-300%.

The Bosch motor powers Haibike's new simple but efficient concept: the Sprocket Equalising System (SES). The chainstay bearing has been moved up in order to achieve an optimised wheel lifting effect on one hand, and a shorter wheelbase on the other, creating a smoother and speedier ride.

Using shock-resistant plastic, Haibike have designed a new SkidPlate to fit with their new, smaller and more efficient motor. Absorbing the impact from flying stones and loose gravel, the relatively inexpensive SkidPlate protects the e-MTBs most vital asset - the motor. Not only does the SkidPlate protect the motor, it also gives the frame a much neater and better integrated look.

Adding to the sleak look is the new InTube Battery Concept (IBC), Bosch's new PowerTube battery which sits flush to the frame, creating a beautifully smooth shape that is also highly functional. Finally, Haibike have added a few little extras to increase that sublime, electric-powered riding experience even further. A Modular Rail System allows simple and fast mounting of other equipment onto the bike, and a clear, compact Bosch Purion display provides a constant stream of stats and power levels for the rider. The Purion display also keeps the cockpit free of clutter, making handling a whole lot easier on the more technical trails.

The 2019 SDURO FullSeven's rocking spec

Featuring all the new technology described above, the latest instalment in Haibike's performance e-MTB range is a true masterpiece in engineering, a bike specifically designed for crushing the off-road trails. The FullSeven rocks some of the latest and greatest electric-powered tech and is clad in some other extra-special gearing and suspension kit too.

Suntour helps out with the suspension by way of their super compliant Aion 35 LO-R Lockout system. A RockShox Monarch RT also helps out in this department, allowing the FullSeven to eat up any bump and lump thrown its way.

The bike runs on SRAM's unique NX system. With 11 gears to choose from and 50-300% of power assistance, the FullSeven can take care of just about any terrain. A Selle Royal Verve saddle provides excellent comfort for those longer days off the beaten track, as do the 27.5" x 2.8" Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evo SnakeSkin tyres.

Whether you're in the mood for trekking, cruising or simply ragging your local trails, then the new Haibike FullSeven is the perfect bike. It's sporty yet comfortable, and a true beast on the singletrack with its 150mm of travel. Never has Haibike made a more versatile e-MTB.

To view the rest of Haibike's e-MTB range click here. If you're looking for a range of eBikes to fit your specific needs, why not view the whole range of electric bikes here at the Bike Factory? Just click here to view our broad selection.

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