Fold up commuters

Fold up commuters

Fold up commuters

Last week we talked about riding to work on an e-bike and we’re staying with the commuter theme this week with our guide to fold up bikes. If your commute combines public transport and cycling, these are the bikes for you. Perfect for busy commuter trains, these bikes take up very little space when folded, so you don’t have to contend with snooty fellow passengers. And at the other end, simply unfold your bike and get going around the city. Here’s our guide to the two types of folding bike we stock at the Bike Factory.


Probably the most recognisable folding bike brand there is, Brompton Bicycles have been manufacturing from their base in Greenford, London for over 40 years. With patented fold technology which gets the bike down to the most compact shape it can be, these models are perfect for daily travel. But the benefits don’t stop there, comfortable geometry and high-performance gears make for an efficient and enjoyable ride, and its hybrid nature means it can even tackle bridleways and tow paths.

With a steel frame and puncture resistant tyres, these bikes are tough and take any challenge the city can throw at them in their stride. Brompton promise that it can be folded or unfolded in under 20 seconds, and with a little practise, you can consistently hit or even better this mark. When folded, it can either be carried or wheeled along, and the design means that all the greasy bits stay away from your clothes.

No need for a lock, Bromptons are compact enough to just pop under your desk. They’ve even kept up with the explosion of the e-bike sector, releasing their very own electric folding bike – the perfect fit for the city commuter in a hurry.


Dawes are another very popular folding bike brand and are often seen as the cheaper alternative to Bromptons. There is no cut-down on ride quality though, these bikes are still perfect for skipping across the city and getting your morning and evening exercise in. Easily recognised by their main frame hinge, Dawes bikes also pack down to a nice compact size, great for sticking on the tube or tucking away at work. Thanks to their puncture resistant tyres, Dawes fold ups are a great choice if your commute cuts through parks and bridleway, or if you want to get way from rowdy traffic and head down a tow path instead. Dawes have also caught on to the e-bike market, their models ideal if your commute is a little too far on just a standard model and you would rather get to the office without sweating through your best work gear.


Although we have said that it is easy enough to tuck away your folding bike, you should always carry a lock just in case. We have plenty of locks in store and the advice is the same as it would be for any bike: match the expense of the bike to the ability of the lock, i.e. in this instance, you’ll use it every day, so you need a proper lock. We also have a few Brooks accessories if you want to make your commuter look a little more fashionable while staying totally practical, and stock a large range of lights for when you need to be seen inside the scrum of a busy city commute.

Commuting on a bike has never been easier. If you need a nudge in the right direction when it comes to commuting by bike, check out the cycle to work scheme section on our website. Then come in store and see our commuter options for yourself. A friendly member of our staff will be happy to help you out.

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