Commute on an e-bike

Commute on an e-bike

Commute on an e-bike

Commuting to work on a bicycle certainly has its benefits but it can be daunting for first-timers, especially compared to the ease and comfort of public transport or your own car. The hassle of gearing up, getting the bike ready and turning the pedals in earnest only to get sweaty and ruin your best shirt before you even get to the office, has the potential to put someone off. But that all changes on an e-bike. Gone are the days of sweaty work clothes and undue stress, an e-bike helps you cruise through traffic, beat the wind and gets you refreshed and ready for the workday.

At the Bike Factory we have a large range of e-bikes of all different types that you can use as commuter bikes. Whether you are looking to commute on or off-road, we not only have the perfect solution for you but will detail why commuting to work on an e-bike is the best thing to do.


We have a huge range of urban e-bikes perfect for inner city cycling and commuting. The comfortable, upright positioning of these bikes makes them reliable and easy to ride, not to mention a green alternative to driving to work. One of the challenges faced by bike commuters is that some companies don’t have a changing or shower facility for the other end. But with one of these urban e-bikes, you can save tons of time as there’s no need to kit up in lycra beforehand. Simply commute in your work clothes, and let the mudguards and durable tyres will do the rest.

On the road

Long distance commutes over testing terrain or in horrible conditions can be one of the biggest arguments against riding to work. But that all changes on an e-bike, especially one designed specifically for the road. These high-performance bikes will laugh in the face of any hill or headwind and make previously un-rideable commutes easily rideable. Then, when at work, simply detach the battery and leave it to charge, making sure you have enough juice for the return journey.


Who said commutes can’t be fun? Sure, they’re pretty boring when you’re stuck on the roads in a traffic jam or sharing way too much personal space on a packed commuter train, but with an e-MTB, that all changes. Have fun and stay fit by taking the off-road route to work. This will mean that you may have to equip mudguards or carry a spare set of clothes, but it’s all worth it when you bring a little bit of the weekend to your mornings. These electric mountain bikes are wholly capable on the road as well, so link paved stages of your cycle route with off-road trails and gravel paths to keep away from the busy, occasionally hostile morning traffic and harmful polluting exhausts.

Commuting to work on a bike has health and environmental benefits and can help you make the most out of your day. You might think it a big lifestyle change but it’s one that has far reaching benefits. One such benefit is that it will save you money. Yes, the upfront cost of an e-bike is quite high, but over time you will find the flat fee or finance option of purchasing an e-bike is so much more economically sound than fuel prices or season tickets. Come in store and see our e-bike options for yourself.

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