Commute in style with the new Raleigh Array

Commute in style with the new Raleigh Array

Commute in style with the new Raleigh Array

When we think of commuting to work we think of cold, wet Monday mornings, made worse by busy traffic, arrogant drivers and the prospect of a long shift at work. Cycling shouldn’t make you feel this way, we need to take the commute back into our own hands and make it fun again! One of the best ways to do just that is with the new Raleigh Array, one of the most stylish e-commuters out there…

Top-end looks without the top-end price

Not a lot of budget-oriented e-bikes can boast the kind of devilish good looks that the new Raleigh Array has. The timeless colourways, seamless battery integration and sleek overall finish give this bike a very attractive look, one that sets it apart from its competitors.

The Array is built around a tough and sturdy aluminium frame that combines a comfortable, ergonomic design with tough and robust materials – the perfect combination for a bike that’s designed for riding around busy city streets. The frame is built with Raleigh’s unique E-Motion system in mind, the battery for the bike’s motor integrating well with the frame’s downtube.

The E-Motion system is a unique concept from Raleigh, designed to work alongside the bike’s motor to deliver a smooth yet powerful ride. Front suspension, wide tyres and an upright riding position also help to deliver this incredibly smooth feel, making it almost feel like you’re gliding when riding this bike.

Unlike a lot of e-bikes out there, the motor on the Raleigh Array is actually located in the rear wheel hub. This allows for a smoother acceleration out of the blocks without that jerky surge associated with some rival systems. The Suntour E25 motor is coupled with a 7-speed Shimano groupset that’s both simple to use and easy to maintain – ideal for a reliable commuting machine.

The motor has five different assist modes, all of which can be flicked through via the heads-up display on the handlebars, and giving a big range of choice in how you power your ride. Do you give it max power on the hills and then switch it to eco mode on the flats? The choice is entirely up to you.

The battery has seen a big upgrade from the previous version, the new and more powerful system packing 400wh and enough juice to take you up to 100km on a single charge – depending on the level of assistance selected, of course. Another great thing about the new battery is that it’s easily removable, meaning you can take it into work with you and charge it back up before you head home at the end of the day.

Completing this impressive bike are a number of commuter-optimised features, including a kickstand, comfortable saddle, durable steel mudguards, front and rear lights, and a rear pannier rack. The Array also has a pair of Tektro T280 mechanical disc brakes providing powerful and reliable stopping power, ideal for riding in variable weather conditions. The women’s Array is almost identical to the men’s but features optimised touchpoints and an open step-through frame to make it that little bit more comfortable for female riders.

Who’s it for?

There’s a simple answer to this question – everybody. The Array is designed to be that go-to, entry level e-bike, the kind that will deliver powerful performance and an insanely smooth ride without breaking the bank.

Unlike a lot of e-commuters out there, the Array is an incredibly versatile bike. It can be used both on the commute and on long weekend rides. It’s also an awesome tourer, packing all the vital features for days spent exploring the countryside with the added boost of a motor to help you conquer the tougher stuff.

If you’re new to the e-bike game, then the Raleigh Array could be the perfect introductory bike for you. Be sure to head down to the store and check it out for yourself – our friendly team will be more than happy to set you up with a test ride.

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