Check out the new helmets from Kask

Check out the new helmets from Kask

Check out the new helmets from Kask

The humble helmet might not seem a performance accessory at first glance. However, at the top-end, helmets are one of the more technologically advanced items on a cyclist's kit list. Italian safety brand, Kask, is up there with the best, providing incredible helmets that are supremely comfortable and slice effortlessly through the wind.

You can see Kask's helmets on the heads of some of the world's best and most successful cyclists, including Women's World Tour teams Cervelo-Bigla and Wiggle-High5, men's British domestic team JLT-Condor and the Grand-Tour-dominating Team Sky. Let's take a look at the best helmets that Kask have to offer…

Tip-top aerodynamic versatility

Aerodynamics might not be at the top of the priority list for many amateur riders, but it is one of the essentials for the professional riders. The rider's head is one of the first things to hit the air, but it is both the least aerodynamic and - unlike the bike - the most difficult to alter. That all changes if you cover up your far from aero hairdo with a scientifically-designed helmet.

The new Protone raises the bar - again - where aerodynamic efficiency, comfort, and protection are concerned. Weighing in at just 215g, this top-of-the-line helmet has the lowest drag and fastest 'heat dissipation coefficients' on the market. In layman's terms, this means the helmet is not just super-light and breathable, but also the most aero in the Kask range. Comfort and performance are paramount in the Protone, without ever giving up on safety.

Maximum cooling, minimum weight

The super-ventilated Kask Valegro was developed with Team Sky to be the ideal helmet for climbing or riding in hot conditions. Taking design cues from the Protone, Kask engineered the polycarbonate shell using wind-tunnel testing to get the very best results, resulting in a design which seems to be made up more of air pockets than it is of material. Kask's lightest and most comfortable helmet is designed to perfection - so feather-light that you won't even notice it's there.

The Vuelta a España kicks off this Saturday (25th August) and fills the next three weeks with characteristically vicious climbs and high Spanish temperatures. Look out for the Kask Valegro upon the crowns of Team Sky's stage-hunting line-up as the peloton heads into the mountains.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

An oldie, but a goodie, the Mojito was once one of the most visible helmets on the stage-racing circuit thanks to Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome and their Sky teammates. The Mojito's unprecedented lightweight and ventilated design made it the clear choice for many amateur riders, and its consistent presence on the market despite new technology is testament to its continuing popularity.

The new Protone is now in stock in two colourways, and you can get your hands on the Valegro or Mojito by asking in store or contacting us here.

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