​Bringing in the new generation

​Bringing in the new generation

​Bringing in the new generation

The new Frog line

Frog Bikes are the market leaders in children's bikes, their Team Sky branded frames testament to their credibility as manufacturers and designers. Their models range from balance bikes and first pedal bikes all the way to track and road bikes, ensuring every discipline is encouraged from the moment your little'un picks up their first two-wheeled machine.

First steps

Promoting a life on two wheels from early on, Frog's Tadpole model is specifically designed with 2-3 year olds in mind - a first bike that is designed to last. A sturdy, lightweight frame, Tektro rear brakes and a quick release seat post will equip even the smallest cyclists with everything they need from early on.

Marking the next stage in growth from the younger Tadpole model, the Frog 48 16" upgrades from pushing power and introduces kids to the concept of pedals and drivetrains, with an aluminium frame and fork to keep the weight low and the ride rigid. Tektro front and back brakes, Kenda tyres and Quando front and rear hubs also feature in the Frog 48 build. The Frog 48 understands the pickiness of kids, coming in a wide range of colours including orange, green, Team Sky print and even a Union Jack for the most patriotic young bikers.

Onto the open road

Growing too old to speed the Tadpole and Frog 48 around the local neighbourhood, it's time to take the next step - out onto the open road. No matter your child's confidence, these are tentative steps into some serious terrain, and Frog Bikes ensure that budding roadsters are set for the journey ahead with their Frog 52, 55 and 69 variants. These bikes are built with 7-12 year olds in mind and the wheel sizes change from model to model, 20", 24" and standard 26" respectively. Each model comes kitted out with the same, serious tech, including Shimano Altus 8-speed gears, Kenda hybrid tyres and Tektro front and rear brakes - music to the ears of all cycling-mad parents.

As with the Frog 48 model, the 52, 55 and 69 come in a wide range of colours, leaving no kid unsatisfied, even those who fancy themselves a showy orange.

Making the switch from the backyard - or front driveway - to the wide open road is daunting for kids and parents alike. But Frog have thought of everything, making sure they're fully protected with all the right gear. A stylish Frog Bikes Helmet is unlikely to be turned down by even the most fashion-inclined of children. With adjustable straps and dial at the rear for quick adjustment, as well as reflective strips and an LED light. Never has a helmet made safety seem so cool.

For bikes aimed specifically at the younger generation and future Grand Tour greats, look no further than Frog Bikes for all your cycling needs. It won't be long until your little one is zooming past you on the local group ride!

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