Are you Sirrus about cycle fitness?

Are you Sirrus about cycle fitness?

Are you Sirrus about cycle fitness?

We’re in the midst of a commuter series here on the Bike Factory blog and this week we turn our heads to the fitness bikes that are ideal for commuting. Fitness, or hybrid, bikes are the Swiss Army Knives of the bike industry, built with a whole range of riding in mind. These bikes aren’t experts at one discipline and we’re not saying ‘sure, send it off a downhill run’, but they can do a little bit of everything.

For new cyclists, hybrid bikes are perfect as their comfy geometry, sturdy build and uncomplicated systems make them ideal for a new commuter or weekend rider looking to improve their overall health. We’re here to introduce you to the brand new SpecializedSirrus X range, released last month, and to the other fitness bikes we have at the Bike Factory from the likes of Trek and Raleigh.

Specialized Sirrus X

The new Sirrus X range has just landed online and in store. The ultimate utility bike, the Sirrus X is great as a grab-and-go bicycle. No Lycra necessary, simply swing your leg over and go.

Specialized had comfort at the forefront of their minds when designing every detail of the new range. The ergonomic grips and saddle make the bike inviting to ride and the slightly more robust tyres mean that the bike is ready to take on dirt and gravel, as well as being confident on the road. A must for any hybrid bike is ease of use, simplicity and low maintenance components. Specialized have managed to tick all these boxes thanks to having just one chainring at the front, reliable hydraulic disc brakes and integrated suspension. These three elements combine to make it a great bike for casual cyclists who would rather not get bogged down in all the intricacies of high-level bike maintenance.

The Sirrus X is perfect for everyday riding, commuting, rides with the family or for outdoor exploration.

Trek FX

Trek offer a fitness model too. A bit flashier than the Sirrus X, the FX Sport range is a top of the range hybrid bike. With a carbon frame, top-notch gearing and hydraulic disc brakes, it’s easy to see why. Like Specialized’s option, the FX Sport is marketed as a fitness bike, focussing on riders who are either new to the sport, people who are recovering from injury, or who want just the one bike to take them everywhere. The flat bar setup and comfy geometry promote leisurely riding, although it must be said that it is slightly more performance-focussed than the comfort-focussed Sirrus X. This is evident with Trek’s ISO speed, flexing seat tube system that has trickled down from Trek’s top of the range road bikes to their hybrid range. The FX Sport is incredibly capable as a daily commuter and fitness bike.

Raleigh Strada

On a budget? How about the Raleigh Strada, which can be found in our sale? Compared to the Sirrus X and FX Sport, Raleigh’s hybrid option has a bit more in common with a traditional mountain bike than to the standard road style hybrids. This means that it’s more tuned up for off-road rides thanks to its 1x chainset and very rugged tyres. It’s fun on road too but is more suited to shorter trips. A shorter bike means responsive handling and the sturdy frame makes it eminently robust. It’s a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of bike without tons of bells and whistles, making it a great first bike for new riders.

Here at the Bike Factory we have a wide range of all-rounder bikes for the rider who wants one bike for everything. Commuting, cycle fitness, weekend riding, trail blazing, we have your back. Make sure to check out the cycle to work scheme section on our website for additional motivation. You can come in store too, speak to a friendly member of our team and see all the options for yourself.

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