10 Christmas gifts for the Cyclist who THINKS they have everything

10 Christmas gifts for the Cyclist who THINKS they have everything

10 Christmas gifts for the Cyclist who THINKS they have everything

Christmas can be one of two things for a cyclist, either laden with bags full of well-intentioned gifts from friends and family (which you already have or do not need), or packed with joyful kit and components that you bought yourself. If there is a cyclist in your life, we've put together a list of things which they very possibly already have, but which a cyclist can never really have enough of. We've ordered them on price, from you stocking fillers to your larger, more practical items.

Bottles - perhaps a matching pair 2x £3.99

A pair of the bottles that match the bike are an easily achievable way to look and feel more professional, but it can be a rare phenomenon on club rides. At the rate that cyclists go through bottles, one can never have enough. Check out this 550ml option from Elite.


Thermal Glove Liners £9.99

Most cyclists will have at least one pair of gloves for winter riding, but gloves are expensive and rarely can you find a single pair to last all season long. A great solution can be a pair of merino liner gloves like these from Sealskinz, worn inside existing gloves to provide extra insulation.

Thermal Liners

Hex wrench/Allen key Set £10.99, Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair £24.99

For the cyclist who relies heavily on their local bike shop for even the most trivial of issues - or is always complaining about rattles on their ride - a small multi-tool can be a great solution. Park Tools is at the forefront of cycling maintenance tools so you can't do much better than their Fold-Up Hex Wrench.

Allen Keys

If you feel like spending a little extra and think maybe it's about time your significant cyclist learnt how to fix their (and your) bike? Park Tools have got you covered with this great bible of mechanical tips. Pretty soon they'll be fixing their own bike and saving you both a fortune in mechanic costs.

Repair Book

Specialized Neck Warmer Merino Red £14.99

One thing you can never have too much of is warm weather gear. Merino wool neck scarves are a valuable asset for the sensible cyclist. If the item can add a splash of colour to the typically darkened winter, that's a bonus! Try out this brilliant red number from Specialized, and give your cyclist a bit of year-round Christmas cheer.

Neck Warmer

Winter socks - Specialized Sl Pro Winter Sock Black £14.99

Ever lost one half of a pair of socks in the laundry? It happens to all of us, even cyclists. Help your favourite bike rider evade the sock-eating monster that we all must contend with by adding another pair of warm winter socks to their collection. Socks technically optimised for keeping the feet warm and dry are a cyclist's best and most valuable friend in the winter months. These from Specialized are great value, but we have plenty more on our site.

Winter Socks

Sealskinz Opensole Neoprene Overshoe 16 £30

Every cyclist with two feet and a brain ought to already have a pair of these if they intend to ride in the cold, wind and rain, but there's never any harm in having two sets. Overshoes are designed with different conditions in mind, some protect from wind, some from rain and some just offer an extra layer to help keep the feet warm. Sealskinz products do weatherproofing best, and these hi-viz overshoes will not only protect from all but the worst conditions, but will help the rider to be seen in low light.

Weatherproof Overshoes

Cateye Light Set £24.99

Anyone riding a bike in winter should already have a light set covered, but a spare set can do no harm. Most lights these days are USB-rechargeable and every cyclist has likely experienced a flat battery and embarrassing taxi ride home. This traditional battery-powered set is the perfect emergency kit to make sure that never happens again.


Mudguards - Sks Mudguard Race Xl Blade Clip-On £39.99

Do you ride with someone who refuses to buy mudguards? Are you always the one with a muddy face at the end of the ride? Buy them a pair of decent mudguards and rejoice. Essentially, it's a gift to yourself: win, win.


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